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When to get a DHI Hair Transplant?

If your hair loss started in your younger years, you may wonder when to get a DHI hair transplant. While the surgical procedure is typically feasible after the age of 18, the pattern of hair loss may not fully develop before the age of 25.

Therefore, undergoing hair restoration before the age of 25 may result in irregular outcomes, potentially necessitating another hair implantation in the future. You should never feel pressured to undergo a poorly executed hair grafting that won’t meet your expectations and needs.

Dr. Resul Yaman emphasizes the importance of timing in DHI hair transplant. You can contact Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Clinic in Istanbul to learn about the best options for you.

At What Stage of Hair Loss Should You Get a DHI?

The ideal answer to the question when to get a DHI hair transplant is that it’s crucial to have experienced hair loss due to male or female pattern baldness for at least 5 years. Additionally, you should have progressed beyond Norwood stage 3.

If these two conditions are met, it indicates that your hair loss has stabilized. This allows the hair transplant specialist physician Turkey to assess the pattern of your hair loss accurately.

Consequently, it becomes possible to achieve permanent hair restoration in a single session. In other words, your risk of needing another hair grafting procedure in the future is reduced.

Can You Have a Hair Transplant When You’re Bald?

Depending on the topic of when to get a DHI hair transplant, let us provide information for those who suffer from complete baldness.

Hair transplantation is not possible if you have complete baldness. All hair grafting techniques work on the basis of taking hair follicles from the patient’s own donor area and integrating them into the recipient area.

In short, DHI or other techniques are not possible if the patient has no hair follicles.

Who is the Ideal Hair Transplant Candidate?

Age is indeed a factor when considering when to get a DHI hair transplant, but the quality of the patients’ hair is a highly significant factor for the surgical procedure.

Professional specialist physicians like Dr. Resul Yaman consider the following factors when deciding if a patient is suitable for hair restoration:

  • The number of hair follicles on the scalp and their proximity to each other indicate hair density. Dr. Resul Yaman will assess the density of hair follicles in the donor area. High hair density means the doctor will have enough grafts to transplant. Dr. Resul Yaman’s skill and professionalism ensure that you achieve the most natural results possible.
  • If you have thick hair, you will require fewer grafts compared to those with thin hair. It’s worth mentioning that we provide natural and permanent hair restoration for patients with thin hair as well when discussing when to get a DHI hair transplant.
  • Curly-haired individuals typically require fewer grafts during hair surgery because dense curls better cover the scalp compared to straight hair.
  • The follicles in your donor area are limited. The larger the area of baldness you experience, the more grafts you will need. Therefore, the hair transplant specialist physician Turkey carefully measures the extent of your hair loss during the examination.

When is it too late for a Hair Transplant?

If the area affected by baldness is extensive and the hair follicles in your donor area are very limited, the doctor should not recommend a transplant to you. From this perspective, let’s address the question of when to get a DHI hair transplant. Since hair thickness and density decrease with age, we recommend undergoing the surgical procedure as soon as possible.

When is it too late for a hair transplant? As you age, hair thinning and baldness progress. If you don’t address this issue in a timely manner, there may not be enough grafts available in the future. Alternatively, you may need multiple hair restoration procedures in the future to achieve the desired results.

Hair restoration clinics in Turkey use the Norwood scale to determine the degree of hair loss. At which stage should I get a DHI hair transplant? Dr. Resul Yaman determines which stage of the Norwood scale you are in during the examination. Based on the identified Norwood stage, he plans the DHI hair transplant.

Dr.Resul Yaman Hair Transplant Clinic is Here to Help

If you are interested in hair transplant Turkey cost and other details, you can contact Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Transplant Clinic. Dr. Resul Yaman and his team will assist you in understanding the process and your expectations.

We recommend getting a free online consultation for when to get a DHI hair transplant Turkey.


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