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Classic FUE Hair Transplant

Classic FUE Hair Transplant

Classic FUE hair transplantation in Turkey is one of the most effective permanent solutions for people suffering from hair loss and hair thinning problems. And although the classic FUE hair transplant technique has its pros and cons, it remains one of Dr. Yaman’s favorite options. It’s reliable, effective, and, most importantly, safe.

To reap the benefits of a classic FUE hair transplant procedure, it is essential that you have it performed in a licensed clinic by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. The failure to do so will not only get you unsatisfactory results, but you will also be putting your health at risk.

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What Are the Different Types of FUE Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation has been around for a very long time. However, the origin of the techniques applied in modern times date back to the mid-1990s. In the 90s, hair transplant surgeons were using the FUT hair transplant technique for patients. In 2000, FUE hair transplantation was developed and started to be used in 2005. Thus, the FUT technique, which caused tissue loss, became obsolete over time.

Aside from the classic FUE hair transplant technique, there are many other techniques commonly practiced by hair transplant specialists, including:

  • Classic FUE with micromotor
  • FUE made with Choi pen
  • Rotobic FUE
  • FUE made with sapphire pen

In the case of Dr. Resul Yaman, he performs the follicular unit extraction (FUE) with the non-rotator punch and half-rotator punch that developed. As a result, Dr. Yaman can extract hair follicles without causing damage to the scalp. That means that any patient that undergoes a hair transplant treatment at Dr. Yaman’s clinic can recover from the surgery much faster.

Classic FUE Hair Transplant What is the Classic FUE Technique?

FUE, also known as follicular unit extraction, refers to the technique of removing hair grafts from your donor area one by one. During a classic FUE hair transplant, Dr. Resul Yaman uses a punch tool to make small incisions in the tissue around each follicle. Once that is done, the follicle is gently extracted from your donor area using forceps before being inserted into your recipient area, where the new hair will grow.

If you have limited donor hair, undergoing a classic FUE hair transplant is a great idea because it allows for precise extraction of each follicle, reducing the chances of the follicles getting damaged in the process. Not only that, but since the method minimally damages your scalp, recovery time is also much faster, meaning you’ll get to enjoy your results sooner. Below, you can read more about the collection of hair follicles, opening channels for the hair transplantation Turkey, how the transplantation process works, the drawbacks, and more.

Collection of Hair Follicles Using the FUE Technique

The first step of your hair transplantation surgery is the collection of hair follicles from your donor area. Previously, to extract the needed hair follicles, doctors used the FUT technique, which took out your hair, but with a piece of skin along with it. As a result, the healing time was very long.

What’s different with the FUE technique is that Dr. Yaman collects your hair follicles one by one using cylindrical needles. As a result, the damage to the donor area is dramatically reduced, and the survival rate of the hair follicles is increased.

Opening Channels Using Steel Blades

Once the necessary number of hair follicles are extracted, it’s time to start prepping your recipient area. Before implanting your recently extracted hair follicles, Dr. Yaman will start opening channels (small holes) in your recipient area using a steel blade. The key here is that the doctor creates an incision big enough for the hair follicles to be inserted at the right angle.

Classic FUE Hair Transplant Transplanting the Grafts Using the Classic FUE Method

Once all of the incisions are made, it’s time to start transplanting the hair follicles in their new environment. Just like Dr. Yaman extracted each hair follicle one by one, he will also implant each follicle one by one. As long as this procedure is performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Yaman, you will be left without any scarring or the need for stitches.

Disadvantages of Classic FUE Hair Transplantation

Like any medical intervention, there are also drawbacks to undergoing a classic FUE hair transplant surgery. Below, we’ll go over the main disadvantages.

  • The doctor opens channels in the scalp where he will insert the hair follicles. Unfortunately, these channels are quite wide, meaning scarring may occur. And since the hair follicles are retained due to late healing, the regrowth rate decreases.
  • The majority of hair transplant surgeons use high-speed motorized punches during a classic FUE hair transplantation. Thus, the hair follicle may be damaged during the extraction process. It also increases the likelihood of damage to the donor area. Moreover, there is a risk of overharvesting. That’s why Dr. Resul Yaman developed his special punch, which is a half-rotator and non-rotator punch tool. It’s much more effective and safe than the standard tools used by hair transplant specialists.
  • With the classic FUE hair transplant forceps, the hair follicles may be compressed, damaging the hair follicles and rendering them useless.

What to Expect After the Classic FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

After your classic FUE hair transplant procedure is complete, that’s only half of your way to great-looking hair. You now need to spend the following days, weeks, and months taking care of it and giving it the best chance to succeed.

You must not wash your hair for the first 48 to 72 hours after the procedure. For the first two weeks after the procedure, you should avoid exercising, participating in strenuous activities, or going to the pool, sea, sauna, or other such areas. Doctor Yaman will walk you through everything you need to know about following the best aftercare routine.

You will see the first bit of results between months three and six. The full results of the surgery will be seen about 12 months post-surgery. Keep in mind that fue transplant before and after is always superb.

Cost of Classic FUE Hair Transplant Surgery With Dr. Yaman

The cost of a classic FUE hair transplant surgery at Dr. Resul Yaman’s Hair Clinic in Istanbul will vary depending on the number of grafts you need to get the best results. Dr. Yaman takes each case individually, which is why he can guarantee the results that thousands of patients in the past have already experienced.

Each individual case is different, and so is the price. That’s why it’s hard to give a ballpark figure as to what the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey will be. To get a quote and find out more, please reach out to Dr. Resul Yaman and his team of specialists using the form below.

    Dr. Resul YAMAN

    Dr. Resul Yaman is a highly experienced and renowned hair transplant surgeon. With over 13 years of expertise, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals through his innovative “modified low-speed micromotor” technique. Dr. Yaman’s commitment to using the latest methods and providing personalized care has established him as one of Turkey’s leading specialists. He specializes in hair transplantation, including eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplants. Dr. Yaman is dedicated to contributing to the hair transplant community, his work was featured in Hair Transplant Network, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Hair Restoration Social Network, and other renowned niche publications.


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