Classic FUE Hair Transplant

Classic FUE Hair Transplant

They disappear if you have hair sparseness and baldness problems with hair transplantation operations. In addition, hair transplantation, which is planned and applied specifically for you, will be the most effective treatment.

Experts continue to use the classic FUE hair transplant procedure as one of the definitive solutions for hair loss. This technique, applied by aesthetic surgeons, has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will also cover these issues.

In particular, hair transplantation procedures should be done in a hospital. In addition, this microsurgical procedure must be performed by a doctor who is an expert in his field.

What are the Types of FUE Hair Transplantation?

The development process of hair transplant is very old. However, the origin of the techniques applied recently dates back to the mid-1990s. In the 90s, experts were applying FUT hair transplant to patients. Later on, FUE hair transplantation was developed in 2000 and started to be used in 2005. Thus, the FUT technique, which caused tissue loss, became obsolete over time.

A professional doctor and his team can use this technique most efficiently by applying the classic FUE hair transplant procedure. Thus, patients who experience hair loss obtain natural-looking and lush hair.  In Dr.Resul Yaman’s clinic, FUE follicular unit extraction is used within the scope of hair transplant surgery.

There are many types of FUE techniques applied by doctors within the scope of hair transplantation treatment:

  • Classic FUE with micromotor
  • FUE made with Choi pen
  • Rotobic FUE
  • FUE made with sapphire pen

Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Resul Yaman performs FUE follicular unit extraction with the non-rotator punch and half-rotator punch he developed. Thus, hair follicles are removed without damage within the scope of hair transplantation treatment.  Within the range of ‘Classic FUE Hair Transplant,’ let’s say that:  Patients who come to the Dr.Resul Yaman clinic recover quickly after the operation and continue their everyday lives.

Classic FUE Hair TransplantWhat is the Classic FUE Technique?

  • FUE only means the removal of hair grafts as units one by one.
  • Doctors have removed patients’ hair follicles by motorized method for many years.
  • Then, the doctors open the channels (holes) where the hair follicles will be placed with steel blades.
  • Then, the hair follicles are placed under the skin with fine tweezers-like forceps.
  • Hair transplant surgeons call these procedures, which we have listed as items, classic FUE hair transplant.
  • The process has been divided into many types over time. In addition, FUE is easier than newly developed methods. Moreover, hair transplant specialists perform a faster hair transplants.
  • Due to such factors, the FUE technique has spread rapidly worldwide. It has gained popularity today due to its advantages.

Collection of Hair Roots in FUE Technique

The method that causes the loss of the FUT technique is the FUE technique. According to FUT hair transplant, FUE hair transplant is an aesthetic success. Namely, in the FUT technique, hair follicles were taken from the patient’s donor area with a piece of skin. Hair follicles were separated from the skin piece taken by slicing. However, in the classic FUE hair transplant technique, hair follicles are collected with cylindrical needles. Thus, the damage in the donor area is reduced.

The functionality and quality of the needles used by the doctors in the procedures affect the success of the surgery in terms of material. Thus, the grafts are not damaged and are removed at the appropriate angle.

Opening Channels with Steel Blades

It is necessary to open channels in the recipient area for hair follicles. In the FUE technique, hair transplant specialists open channels, namely holes, using steel slits. The trick is to create a suitable incision so that the hair follicles are integrated into the recipient area at a right angle. If the doctors place the hair follicles at the right angle, the hair will look natural after the operation.

Let’s explain the following within the scope of classic FUE hair transplant. Dr. Resul Yaman performs hair root extraction without scars. The manual FUE technique collects the necessary grafts from the donor area in a healthy and correct manner. If you want the desired result in hair transplantation, you can trust Dr. Resul Yaman’s hair transplant experience and knowledge.

Transplanting Grafts with the Classical FUE Method

The hair transplant surgeon should place the hair follicles one by one at the most suitable angles in the channels he has opened. This should be done without the need for stitches and without leaving any scars. For this, the hair transplant specialist must be experienced and skilled in hair transplantation.

What are the Disadvantages of Classic FUE Hair Transplantation?

  • In hair transplant surgery, the doctor opens the channels extensively and comprehensively to place the hair follicles. Therefore, more obvious scars are formed. Since the hair follicles are retained due to late healing, the regrowth rate decreases.
  • Hair transplant surgeons use high-speed motorized phuncs in this technique. Thus, the probability of damage to the hair follicle and the donor area increases during hair follicle removal. In addition, there is a risk of excessive harvesting of unwanted grafts in FUE hair transplant procedures. (At this point, Dr. Resul Yaman has developed his special punches. In other words, he performs successful hair transplantation operations with half-rotator and non-rotator punch tools.)
  • There is a possibility of compression and damage of hair follicles in hair follicle implantation with classic FUE hair transplant 
  • However, it should not be forgotten that an experienced doctor and his team can minimize these risks for each method.

Hair Transplanted After the Procedure

After the hair transplant surgery, the grafts integrate into their location within a few days. In addition, the hair at the ends of the grafts starts to fall out in an average of 16 days. Three months after the operation, the transplanted hair will begin to grow.

By the end of the seventh month, more than half of the hair will come out. Finally, at the end of the 12th month, all transplanted hair will come out. Especially in hair transplants made with the latest FUE techniques, there is no scar. In addition, the healing process will be very fast with such methods.

Since Dr. Resul Yaman is a professional; you will not feel tightness and numbness in the area where he has transplanted the grafts. The doctor gives you information about the whole process from the very beginning. After the classic FUE hair transplant procedure, you can also return to your home or hotel.

FUE Technique Prices

To achieve your desired goal in terms of health and aesthetics in hair transplantation, you should apply to an experienced and knowledgeable hair transplant surgeon. In addition, the surgeon will determine the suitable transplant procedure for you. FUE hair transplant prices vary according to the number of grafts required, the technique applied, and the doctor’s experience.

Therefore, you will need to be examined after finding a professional surgeon. Surgeons in the best hair transplant centers will determine your hair transplant price, considering the abovementioned factors. Then the surgeon does the planning with you and starts the process.

As we conclude our article, let’s answer whether the FUE hair transplant procedure works. As we explained, the hair transplant process is to take your healthy hair follicles from your nape by technical way. Then, we plant these hair follicles in the area where you experience hair loss with specific techniques. Classic FUE hair transplant procedures are performed by the professional hair transplant surgeon and his team work. In addition, the planted roots are permanent.