Who is Dr. Resul Yaman?

Dr. Resul YAMAN was born in 1982. Mr. Yaman graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 2005. He is a successful doctor in his field and speaks fluent English. Also he is married and has two children.

Since he had a problem with hair loss while he was a student at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, he became more interested in hair transplantation. Thus, he started to research this subject. As a result, he realized in a short time that the permanent solution in the treatment of hair loss is hairtransplantation. That’s why he worked as an assistant in the hair transplant clinic. He also had a transplant operation for his hair in 2008.

Then in 2009, Dr. Yaman opened his clinic. This adventure that he started to solve his hair loss problem has become the work and meaning of his life. It has received the necessary certificates by following all the developments in this field. Also, Dr. Resul YAMAN serves his patients with his experience and scientific studies.

If you are complaining about problems such as hair thinning as a result of hair loss, Dr. Yaman will be the right choice for you. Let us explain below why our doctor would be the right choice.

why dr resul yaman

Why should I Choose Dr. Resul Yaman?

First, Istanbul is the best place for a hair transplant in Turkey. So that patients come to Istanbul for hair transplantation from many countries, including Europe, America, the Arab world, Africa and Brazil. Therefore, clinics and doctors in Istanbul have an excellent experience. ‘Why should you choose Dr. Resul YAMAN? ‘let’s answer the question in items:

    • Dr. Yaman is one of the most successful doctors in hair transplants in Turkey.
    • Also, Dr. Yaman uses the latest and safest techniques. It also allows you to get the most suitable hair version for you.
    • Thus, you will be more self-confident with your new hair and become popular.
    • Doctors in 15 specialties serve patients in Dr.Yaman’s boutique hospital.
    • Dr. Yaman participates in the hair transplant operation and performs the channel opening process on the patients’ skin himself. Thus, it minimizes the risk with its experience and knowledge.
    • Dr. Yaman draws a hairline suitable for channel opening for the patient who comes to his clinic. It also creates the exit directions of hair follicles. In addition, it properly distributes the patient’s hair in the recipient area. In other words, Dr. Resul Yaman personally handles these essential parts of the operation.
    • Our doctor operates in hair surgery with a doctor’s approach, not a commercial one. For this reason, it does not accept patients like clinics that accept dozens of patients daily. It agrees with a limited number of patients daily for hair surgery to give perfect results.
    • Mr. Yaman has been performing successful hair transplant operations for 13 years.
    • Thanks to Dr.  Resul YAMAN, patients from Turkey and abroad have natural and strong hair.
    • You can follow Dr. Yaman on Youtube and social media accounts. You can see the results of previous hair transplantation. You can also learn about the his techniques.

    Overseas Comments about Dr. Yaman

    Before giving information about the comments, let’s reiterate this importance: Dr. Yaman always carries out his business according to current and scientific developments. In addition, our doctor combines science and art to achieve the best results in the field of hair transplantation. It is a significant advantage for patients that Mr. Yaman performs the operations himself.

    There are hair transplant forums that are widely used in America and England and that people trust the most. Among these forums, Hairtransplantnetwork and Baldtruthtalk are among the recommended doctors.

    He is one of the important doctors in BELLICAPELLI forum, which is an important hair transplant forum of Italy. He is also among the hair transplant surgeons recommended in the International Hairloss Forum, France’s most visited hair transplant forum.

    You can read the comments of dozens of patients about the doctor in Recuperarelpelo, the most widely read hair transplant forum in Spain.

    Having hundreds of hair transplant experiences from all over the world for about 13 years, Dr. Resul YAMAN is at the top of his profession with the developments in his knowledge and technique. He is also among the world’s famous hair transplant surgeons.