Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Have you ever heard that you can do micropigmentation (SMP) treatment on your scalp to make your hair look fuller? Hair pigmentation (SMP) is similar to microblading to achieve full brows.

However, SMP treatment is different from microblading or permanent makeup. In other words, an extra pigment integrating method is used in each technique. The specialist performs microblading with a manual blade. But the specialist uses an electrical device in hair pigmentation. Because the scalp is thicker than the skin under the eyebrows, a stronger tool is needed.


What is Scalp Micropigmentation SMP?

In the hair pigmentation procedure, the doctor uses small dots layered in different shades of black to reproduce the shadow appearance on your scalp. Thus, the expert creates natural-looking depth and style, making your hair appears fuller.

Meanwhile, a skilled specialist makes the spots in the micropigmentation treatment look like natural hair follicles and blends them seamlessly into your skin. Therefore, if you are experiencing hair loss problems, this procedure may benefit you. In addition, the following people can have SMP treatment:


    • Cancer patients
    • Those who have the problem of baldness
    • Hair loss
    • Those who have scars on their heads due to FUT hair transplantation can use this technique. With SMP, scars are not visible.
    • Wounds on the scalp can be hidden with this method due to an external effect.
    • Those who have sparse hair and want to keep long hair
    • Or those with thinning hair
    • Finally, those who cannot have a hair transplant operation due to advanced hair loss


How is Hair Pigmentation Done?

As mentioned above, experts perform the micropigmentation process to imitate hair follicles. For this, SMP is applied by shaving the patient’s hair. Or the unshaven procedure is performed by keeping the patient’s hair long.

In the shaving method, the specialist processes small pigment spots on the scalp after completely shaving the patient’s hair. These tiny pigment dots are two-dimensional. Therefore, the patient’s head appears as if it had just been shaved.

Hair pigmentation without shaving is made for the owners of thinning hair. In addition, some people may have regional hair loss. In addition, some people have small scars on their scalps. Unshaven hair pigmentation is suitable for such patients.


Scalp MicropigmentationDoes Micropigmentation Treatment Hurt?

In this method, the doctor will numb your scalp. If your pain threshold is high, it is normal to feel psychological pain. But hair pigmentation is a painless procedure.

The essential point in this regard is that you have high quality hair pigmentation treatment in the presence of a skilled and responsible doctor. The doctor gives you the initial consultation. He then tells you about the planning and the process. You should pay attention to the micropigmentation process as follows:


    • Take a shower before each SMP treatment. You will also not wash your hair for four days after each treatment. You should also not sweat excessively.
    • Hair pigmentation treatment may take 4 or 5 hours.
    • Moreover, the number of sessions you need will vary according to the area where you have SMP done.
    • Your doctor will do this procedure every few weeks.
    • If you have problems such as psoriasis or acne on your scalp, you should not have an SMP.
    • After your last treatment, you should not go to damp places such as the sea, pool, or sauna for 28 days.
    • The treated area should be protected from sunlight for 28 days.
    • Also, do not forget to use sunscreen. You should start moisturizing the treated area 4 days after the last treatment.
    • Do not do heavy exercise for a certain period after all your treatments are finished.


How are Micropigmentation Prices?

First of all, hair pigmentation is not a permanent solution. Its effect lasts for 3 or 5 years. In addition, this method is not a natural hair follicle surgical procedure. Micropigmentation prices will vary depending on how much of the patient’s scalp is treated.

Moreover, hair pigmentation is not a tattoo process. In the tattooing process, the lower layer of the skin is processed. The most important point to consider when you decide to have an SMP procedure is this: You should have the hair pigmentation procedure done in a doctor’s clinic. Thus, you will not encounter risks such as infection or allergies.

As a result, hair pigmentation is an aesthetic investment for you. You can have this done in reliable and hygienic clinics in Istanbul. A doctor skilled and knowledgeable in micropigmentation will provide you with the best treatment.