Washing Hair after Hair Transplant

Washing HairAfter the operation, the hair follicles in the patient’s recipient area are very new. Let’s say this within the scope of washing hair after hair transplant: Since the doctor has just placed the grafts on the scalp, they still need to be fully integrated into their new environment. At this point, a mistake made by the patient out of the instructions will cause the new grafts to dislodge. Therefore, you should carefully follow the instructions at the clinic.

There will be scabs on the scalp after the operation. It is essential to eliminate scabs to allow the hair follicles to breathe. For this, it is necessary to wash the hair. So, how should I wash my hair after hair transplant?

First Hair Wash after Hair Transplant

The quality of the hair transplant procedure performed by a surgeon is essential. In addition, the patient’s fulfillment of post-operative care procedures will also be effective in obtaining the desired result. Especially the first hair wash after the surgical procedure is a critical issue. Washing hair after hair transplant immediately will damage the hair.

Therefore, the patient should wash his hair after two days. Dr. Resul Yaman does the first wash of the patient in the clinic. Thus, it teaches the patient how to clean his hair in the following process. The patient has to wash the scalp and hair as instructed.

Let’s answer the question, ‘Can I wash my hair twice a day after hair transplant?’ Washing your hair once a day for the first 12 days will be helpful.

Using Lotion in Washing Hair after Hair Transplant

After the operation, you should apply plenty of lotion to the parts with scabs. You can consult your doctor about which lotion to use. You can use a foam instead of a soft and flowing lotion. And the foam will soften the scabs just like the lotion. Within the scope of the title, ‘hair washing after hair transplant’, you should use the lotion as follows:

  • You should not rub your hair while using the lotion.
  • Instead, use the lotion liberally with small touches.
  • Then leave the lotion on your hair for 30 minutes.
  • After waiting, wash off the lotion with warm, non-pressure water.
  • As a result, you can stop using lotion after your crusts heal.

You should use panthenol spray for the first two weeks after the surgery. This spray will relieve the pain in your skin. You should also use antibiotic cream for your donor area after the surgical procedure. Do not apply this cream to the recipient area. After using the antibiotic cream for a week, your donor area will heal.

Washing HairWhich Shampoo is the Best after Hair Transplant?

  • After the hair transplant, you should use paraben-free shampoos.
  • In other words, you should choose nourishing and natural shampoos.
  • Meanwhile, shampoos with harsh chemical formulations damage hair follicles. Shampooing your hair with such shampoos will adversely affect your surgical procedure.

Dr. Resul Yaman will ask you to use the shampoo according to the oil content on your scalp, the operation’s result, and the shampoo’s acidity. So, how to use shampoo in the washing hair after hair transplant?

First, we recommend you not apply the shampoo directly to your hair. Instead, pour some shampoo into your hands. Mix this shampoo you poured with water and foam it. Then use the mousse on your hair with very soft movements.

How Should I Wash My Hair After a Hair Transplant?

  • You should wash your hair gently and slowly for ten days after hair transplantation. Washing your hair in this way does not harm the transplanted hair follicles. But you should avoid over-washing your hair.
  • You should not use the shower in the first days as the showers give the water high pressure. It will be the healthiest method to wash your hair by filling a bowl with water.
  • After hair transplant surgery, you should avoid contacting your nails with your head to avoid damaging your scalp.
  • Also, you should be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails while washing your hair. Otherwise, your hair follicles will be damaged.
  • The movement of your fingers should be vertical during washing hair after hair transplant. You should not wash your hair in circular motions.
  • You should take care to rinse your hair thoroughly.
  • As a result, you should wash your hair carefully in order not to cause infection in the surgical area and to remove traces of blood and scabs.

How Should I Do the Post-Operation Drying Process?

You should dry the recipient area (where the grafts are planted) and the donor area (where the grafts are extracted) differently. We recommend you dry the part where the doctor implates the grafts with a paper towel. Apply the paper towel over the grafts with soft and gentle movements.

Thus, you ensure the absorption of water on the grafts. And you should never rub the grafts with a paper towel! Drying the donor area on your scalp with a standard towel is sufficient.

In the scope of the title,’ washing hair after hair transplant,’ we can say that: You should not use a hair dryer after hair washing. But if you want to use the hair dryer, you must run it coldly. As a result, it is better to wait for your hair to dry without a hair dryer.