Body Hair Transplant

In hair transplant procedure, it is essential to have a sufficient density of hair transplantation. Your doctor will perform a body hair transplant if you do not have enough hair follicles in your donor area. Patients who need body hair in transplantation generally have a lot of hair loss. For this reason, the doctor should plant the hair follicles collected from the patient’s body with good planning.

In the meantime, factors other than the hair follicles of sufficient density are also important in a hair transplant operation.  Some of these are the hairline, the direction of hair growth, and the techniques applied. Even if your doctor uses these factors, the procedure will only be successful if it brings to a number of grafts required.

For this, body hair grafts can be used if your donor area is weak and you do not have enough hair follicles to cover your large recipient areas. This process is based on transplanting hair from various body parts to the problem area on your head. The main areas used for body hair transplant are;


    • The beard area under the chin,
    • Chest area,
    • Leg area,
    • Pubic region,
    • Armpit hair.

If Dr. Resul Yaman uses hair from the body in the hair restoration process, he especially benefits from beard healthy hair follicles. If the patient’s beard hair is suitable, it achieves results that the patient will be satisfied with transplanted hair operations with perfect planning.


Why is the Nape Area a Primary Donor Area?


    • First of all, let’s specify where the nape region is. It is the area between our two ears.
    • The hair follicles in the nape area have the same characteristics as those on the front of your head.
    • The hair in this area is minimally affected by the hormones that will cause them to fall out. In other words, they are hair follicles that are resistant to shedding.
    • In addition, the hair in the nape area grows like normal hair.
    • These hairs look natural in the area where the transplantation is performed.
    • The hair in our nape area is multiple grafts. In other words, in general, the hair follicles are in a double or triple package.


Beard Hair Follicles as a Donor

If the doctors prefer hair follicles for the transplantation process, except for the hair follicles on the nape, they prefer the beard under the chin area. Within the scope of body hair transplant, let’s check out ‘why they choose the beard under the chin area?’


    • The hair follicles here are closest to the hair follicles in the nape area.
    • There are also too many hair follicles under the chin. Extracting the grafts here with the FUE technique is as easy as removing the grafts in the nape region.
    • Local anesthesia applied to the beard area is more effortless and painless than other areas.
    • The beard under the chin area is soft. So, it does not leave a scar after transplantation due to the low tension and mobility in this area.

Let’s address a critical point at this stage of our topic. So, why is the beard area above the chin not preferred for a body hair transplant?

The beard area is in the foreground above the chin. This area is affected by chewing, laughing, and speaking movements. These movements can delay your recovery process after transplantation. In other words, the beard area above the chin is not preferred due to the possibility of unhealed.


Things to Consider About Beard Hair

Hair thickness in European people varies on average between 3-7 microns. In addition, beard thickness can be up to 10 microns.  In other words, beard hair is thicker than the hair on your head.

The patient’s beard thickness may be close to twice the thickness of the hair. Or it could be much thicker. In this case, the thick beard hairs planted will be more noticeable than the hair strands. In addition, if there are serious color differences between hair and beard hair, beard hair should not be preferred.

The doctor should correctly determine the hair growth angle while transplanting the beard hair to the recipient area of ​​the body hair transplant scope. It should not integrate the beard hair into the scalp at an angle of more than 25 degrees. If planted above 25 degrees, beard hair can grow upright because it is hard and strong.

Another important issue is that the beard hair should be used on the vertex, not the front of the head. In any case, the beard hair should be in the middle or back of the recipient area. Dr. Resul Yaman transplants one beard hair and two hairs in body hair transplant. Or Dr. Resul Yaman performs hair transplant surgery in the recipient area by mixing the hair follicles from the beard area with the hair strands.


Hair Follicles in the Chest Area

The second option to be preferred for hair transplantation after beard hair is chest hair. But, the extraction ability of the hair in the chest area is low. There is no significant study yet on the lifespan of these extracted hair follicles.

However, it is helpful to note that the chest movements that occur with the spontaneous breathing of the person can cause the growth of extraction scars. This may leave a significant scar in the chest area. However, in mandatory cases, chest hair follicles can be used in body hair transplant procedures.

In addition, chest hair consists of single hair follicles. The hair in the chest area grows less than the beard hair. In other words, chest hair can grow up to 6 cm. Also, these hairs are curled and thinner.


What are the Other Hair Follicles on the Body?


    • First of all, leg hair is thin and difficult to remove. These hair follicles are not preferred for hair transplantation.
    • There are dense sweat glands around the armpit hair. Therefore, the sweat glands around the hair root should not be cut and transplanted during transplantation.
    • However, for patients who complain a lot about armpit sweating, let’s say this. In the scope of body hair transplant, intensive hair tissue removal from the armpit can be an advantage. Namely, it means the removal of sweat glands, which creates a permanent solution for underarm sweating.
    • It can be used as a donor area for hair transplantation, although pubic hair transplantation is not performed frequently.


Body Hair Transplant Prices

Let’s start the last part of our article by stating that body hair is not used in the head-front border region in hair transplantation planning. In other words, within the scope of body hair transplant, body hair such as beard, chest, and armpits increase the density in the middle areas. As we mentioned above, the most preferred body hair for transplantation is the beard area on the lower jaw.

Dr. Resul Yaman first collects as many grafts as possible from the nape area in hair transplantation. If there isn’t enough hair in the nape area, he collects hair follicles from the beard area. It integrates the hair fiber and beard hairs into the recipient area in a mixed manner.

Do not hesitate to call us for Dr. Resul Yaman Clinic’s body hair transplant prices. In addition, the doctor has done hair transplantation using body hair for thousands of patients in the country and abroad for years. You can eliminate your permanent hair loss problem by applying to Dr. Resul Yaman.