Afro Hairtransplant

afro hair transplantFirst, let’s start by explaining what the word ‘Afro’ means and the subject of Afro hair transplant. The term used for communities in the African and Caribbean region is called Afro.  And, the physical, skin, and hair structures of the mixed race in these regions are unique to the area.

In general, types of hair are divided into three classes according to race. These are Afro, Asian and Caucasian (including European) hair types. The Afro hair type is curly and wavy. By the way, this type of hair transplantation process differs from the usual hair transplantations.  And it is more complex. In other words, curly, hard, thick, and messy hair transplantation requires more attention.

Compared to conventional hair, fewer grafts are required in Afro hair transplant. The reason is that this hair is not as dense as normal hair. But Afro-type hair looks more intense because it is curly.

Rotator or Half Rotator Manual Extraction

Hair loss is one of the fundamental problems for people of African descent. In addition, curly hair extraction is difficult with the commonly used classical FUE technique processes. Therefore, there is a misconception about the result of hair transplantation for afro hair. This misconception is that they cannot get what they want in hair transplantation.

Meanwhile, doctors perform follicular unit extraction with a punch. Moreover, the tool we call punch moves straight under the skin. Also, Afro hair is curly on the skin’s surface. It  grows curly under the skin. So, the specialist should not use a straight, sharp punch in an Afro transplant. Do to the fact that he removes the curly hair from the root with difficulty.

During the procedure, the punch moves under the skin. Thus, the curly hair strand can be cut from the folds. For this reason, the specialist takes the hair before it reaches the root.  It is not possible to transplant hair without roots.

So, how is extraction done on Afro-type hair? Hair removal should be done with a blunt, slow-speed punch. Or, hair follicle extraction should be performed with an uneven punch whose tip expands outward.

At this point in our article, let’s discuss Dr. Resul Yaman’s rotator or half rotator manual extraction method. Within the scope of Afro hair transplant, Dr. Resul Yaman’s punch tool provides 100% success in the extraction process.

In addition, using an implanter for curly hair may not be possible. Especially during the implantation of very curly hair is impossible. It may be necessary to prefer the old forceps method. The experience of the doctor is essential in this regard.

afro hair lineDetermining the Front Line in Afro Hair Type

Another important issue in Afro-type hair transplantation is determining the front line. And, this is what doctors do when determining the front line in classical Europeans. Meanwhie, they are usually based on the line in a middle-aged man without hair loss. In other words, they make transactions in accordance with the midline face ratios. They also prefer the V model, M model, or oval line.

However, a middle-aged Afro-man’s hairline is usually straight and sharp-edged. Accordingly, let’s talk about determining the front line in Afro hair transplantation procedures. Afro-men who do not have classical middle-age hair loss should be taken as an example. According to this example, planning should be done on the hairline.

Hair Grafts in Afro Hair Transplant

Another essential issue in Afro-type hair transplantation is the number of grafts planted in the cm2 area. Namely, in a classical European man, the number of grafts per cm2 in the donor area varies between 55-85 grafts. Also, in the area to be transplanted, 40-55 grafts can be integrated into the cm2 area.

However, in Afro hair, the number of grafts in the donor area varies between 45-65 cm2. In addition, extraction capacity is low due to tight curls. In that case, planning hair transplantation between 30-40 cm2 in the area to be transplanted is sufficient.  And afro hair is curly, and its cover capacity is better. That’s why, a very natural-looking density can be achieved with fewer grafts.

So, let us recommend the following within the scope of hair transplant techniques. Especially for a skilled and experienced doctor for Afro hair restoration, you can choose Dr. Resul Yaman. Consequently, Dr. Resul Yaman’s hair transplant clinic applies the afro hair transplant process in a way you will be satisfied with.