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Unshaved Hair TransplantHair loss caused by thinning or the complete opening of an area causes a loss of self-confidence in men and women. In addition, the quality of daily life of those who experience such problems decreases.

Solving such problems is very easy nowadays! With an unshaven hair transplant, it is possible to have natural and healthy hair without breaking away from daily life. The people around you do not even realize that you are having a hair transplant.

This method is the perfect option, especially for women experiencing hair loss. People who want to renew their image and stay in touch with daily life can have a hair transplant without losing their quality of life. You should not forget that the talent and experience of the doctor who applies this method must be excellent. You can also find all the details about hair transplant without shaving in this article.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplant?

First, the hair transplantation procedure, which we call unshaven, consists of two basic rules. These are;

  1. The doctor shaves the donor area. However, he does hair transplantation without shaving the recipient area.
  2. The doctor shaves neither the donor area nor the recipient area. In this way, it performs the hair transplantation process completely unshaven.

If we do the first procedure, we shave the donor area, and the extraction number capability increases. Also, Dr. Resul Yaman takes 3000 grafts in one session and transplants hair to the recipient area. Moreover, Dr. Resul Yaman uses the implanter pen while planting the grafts taken from the donor area in the unshaven hair transplant method. In other words, the doctor performs your hair transplant most comfortably and successfully.

Unshaved Hair Transplant womanHow is Unshaven Hair Transplantation Applied?

Specialists shave the donor area in patients with long hair as a window in the middle from the back. In addition, in patients with long hair, the donor area can be shaved at intervals. Doctors shorten the hair entirely in patients with short hair. Short-haired patients continue their everyday lives when the donor area heals.

If we are going to perform the second procedure, we do hair transplantation without shaving the donor area and the recipient area. When Dr. Resul Yaman applies the second unshaven method to his patients, the daily number of grafts does not exceed 1000-1200 grafts.

In addition, more care is required to remove the graft and distribute it in the recipient area at the most appropriate density. For this, Dr. Resul Yaman spreads this unshaven hair transplant process over two days. In other words, 2000-2400 grafts are planted in the recipient area in two days. In the meantime, if some of the hair is long and some are short, it is necessary to shorten the long hair roots.

The Advantages of an Unshaved Hair Transplant

  • It is the best option, especially for those who want to return to work and their social life as soon as possible.
  • It is a method that people with long hair can get their hair done without getting a haircut. One of the benefits of an unshaven is that these people do not bother to grow their hair again.
  • If you choose the right doctor and his team, you will have a successful hair transplant surgery.

What are the Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

  • In this process, the distance between the hair follicles must be adjusted very well. In other words, the doctor must carefully do the hair density procedure. Otherwise, the patient may also lose their existing hair.
  • It is not a suitable method for patients with advanced hair loss.
  • The hair transplant operation is performed without shaving and it takes time. For this reason, the patient must be patient.
  • In this operation, the risk of infection due to hair is higher. Therefore, the doctor and his team must pay attention to hygiene and sterilization.

Who Should Prefer Unshaven Hair Transplant?

  • Women who experience hair loss prefer this method.
  • People who have sparse hair on the upper parts can have this method done. Thus, the hair will appear more often.
  • Those with too much openness in the forehead may prefer unshaven hair transplantation.
  • Those who have hair loss in a particular area due to an accident or an illness may choose this technique.

Unshaved Hair TransplantWhat is the Price of an Unshaven Hair Transplant?

In this method, the techniques used by doctors will be different. For this reason, the price of an unshaven hair transplant varies according to the process of the doctor. FUE and DHI methods are used in this hair transplant technique. In addition, hair transplantation should be done very carefully and meticulously. For this, the doctor and his team performing the hair transplant surgery must be professional.

Patients from different parts of the world come to Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic and have hair transplants. The doctor and his team apply unshaven FUE hair transplantation or other techniques to these patients who experience hair loss. Dr. Resul Yaman closely follows the developing technology in this field.

Having a clinic in Istanbul, Dr. Resul Yaman successfully carries out unshaven hair transplant with the best technology and professional team. For hair transplantation in Turkey, you can easily reach Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic and make an appointment.



Can you get hair transplant without shaving?

Yes, it is possible to have a hair transplant without shaving. Dr. Resul Yaman can perform unshaven hair transplant in two different ways. The first is to shave your donor area and implant hair follicles in the problem area. If you have long hair, the shaved areas will not be visible. The latter can perform the surgical procedure without shaving the donor and problem areas.

Can you get hair transplant without anyone noticing?

With the unshaven hair transplantation method, you can solve the hair loss problem without anyone noticing. If your hair is long, even if your nape (donor area) is shaved, it will not be obvious that it is a surgical procedure. The reason is that your long hair will cover the donor area. Moreover, in the unshaven transplant method, the area where the hair is implanted (receiver area) is not shaved. In short, you can get healthy and natural hair without your surroundings noticing.