Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Transplant Journey

dr resul yaman journey

Patients need to obtain natural and strong hair from hair transplant procedures. In other words, due to hair transplant operations, patients want their hair to be perfect in terms of aesthetics and structure.

Knowing how proper and necessary this request is, Dr. Yaman has been a cure for thousands of patients within the scope of Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey. Our doctor provides comfort for his patients during and after hair transplantation at Yaman Surgical Medical Center. Also, Dr. Yaman closely follows all the transformations of his patients in the long term.

In particular, our doctor combines his knowledge, experience, and openness to development with technology. In other words, Dr. Yaman is a visionary specialist with a holistic view of hair transplantation.

It is the goal of Yaman Surgical Medical Center to provide satisfaction to patients with its full-fledged service and hospitality. Dr. Resul Yaman works to help his patients recover and turn a new page in their lives. Hair transplant for Dr.Yaman is an area that he dedicates himself to rather than a job.

In this article, let us explain what you wonder about Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey.


The Curiosity of Hair Transplantation That Started While He Was a Student at the Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Yaman started to have hair loss problems when he was a student at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 2003.  At that time, he began to research medical treatments to prevent hair loss.

He worked on this subject with many of his teachers. He also reviewed academic papers. He graduated from medical school in 2005. Later, when she lost her hair completely between 2006-2007, she knew that the definitive solution was hair transplantation. For this reason, he started to work as an assistant physician in hair transplantation in the hair clinic in 2008. He also had his own hair transplant in 2009.


What are Innovation Studies in the Field of Hair Transplantation?

So, what is the innovation made by doctor in the field of hair transplantation? To answer this question, let’s explain the innovation studies within the scope of Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey:


    • The doctor opened his own clinic in 2010.
    • In 2012, it carried out its first innovation study to improve the quality of hair transplant results. By developing his own method, he started to use the ‘Modified Low-Speed ​​Micromotor’ technique.
    • In other words, the first innovation study is the hair extraction micromotor. Namely, by modifying the micromotor, he started to make high-quality and undamaged hair transplantation at a lower speed.
    • In this modification, after extracting the hair follicles, the waiting time outside the body is reduced. Dr. Yaman performed the extraction process with low numbers of 1500-2000 grafts in 2 or 3 stages on the same day. Then he started planting the grafts.
    • So, there is no longer any need for partial operations.
    • He updated his examination and analysis method in 2013 as part of Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey. He made donor area and recipient area measurements with manual techniques. He also made extraction capacity measurements and hair fiber thickness measurements.
    • In 2013, it developed more homogeneous and balanced processes by calculating the distribution of hair follicles to the recipient area.


Patented Special DHI Implant

First, let’s talk about the forums in abroad that the doctor is a member of. Also, let’s give the names of the congresses he attended. Finally, let’s share information about the DHI implanter, which he patented.


    • He became an associate member of the ISHRS in 2014.
    • He also attended congresses and workshops of FUE Europe, Worldfue Institute, ISHRS, and SITRI (Societa Italiana di Tricologia).
    • Became a premium member of the Hairtransplantnetwork forum and Italian Bellicapelli forum in 2015.
    • He modified and developed the DHI implanter method in 2015 as part of Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey. Thus, Dr. Resul Yaman developed and patented the DHI implanter with his technique.
    • Dr. YAMAN still uses the particular DHI implanter method, which is much more useful and safe.

In other words, he opened the microchannels that provided the exit directions of the hair follicles and the proper distribution of the hair follicles in the recipient area with his own hands. He also created a special implanter that provides hair transplantation with the angles and directions of the microchannels he opened during the operation. As a result, the doctor obtained strong hair that looked natural with this technique.

At this point, we recommend that you read this paragraph carefully. Thanks to the special implanter, the hair follicles are not compressed with forceps while placed under the skin. As part of Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey, he safely pushes the hair follicles under the skin in the implanter tube. Thus, the possibility of damaging the hair follicles is eliminated.


What is the 3SE Methodology?

The doctor has devoted enough time to innovation studies during the pandemic process. Thus, as of 2022, he developed the latest 3SE Methodology. Dr. Resul Yaman combined technology, technique, and experience with the 3SE method. Therefore, more holistic studies emerged.

So, what is the 3SE method? Within the scope of this method, the heads of the patients are scanned with a 3D scanner at the hospital of our specialist doctor. Thus, the number of hair and grafts in the donor area is calculated exactly. In addition, the recipient area to be transplanted is planned. Thus, the donor extraction capacity and the need for hair follicles in the problem area are calculated.

As of 2022, doctor uses the 3SE method as the most advanced procedure in the scope of Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey. This procedure consists of the following stages:


    1. Safest examination with a 3D scanner
    2. Safest extraction; half rotator manual extraction
    3. Safest implantation with special DHI implanter


A Doctor at the Peak of His Profession

As a result, Dr. Resul Yaman has accomplished thousands of successful operations with his team throughout his career. In addition, it follows the developments in its field by following up-to-date scientific data.

He is an expert at the top of his profession with long years of knowledge and experience. Dr. Yaman offers permanent solutions for hair transplantation to thousands of patients in the country and abroad within the scope of Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant journey.