Needle Free Hair Transplant

Needle Free Hair TransplantDo you avoid hair transplantation because you have a needle phobia? Needle phobia affects 20% of people negatively. For this, needle free hair transplant injects fluids such as anesthetics or corticosteroids with the painless intradermal projection method.

In other words, the technician penetrates the high-pressure liquid into the skin. Thus, you will not feel pain during hair transplantation. Needle free anesthesia is a good option when you have hair loss and baldness problems and cannot have a hair transplant due to fear of needles.

How is Needle-Free Anesthesia Applied?

As you can imagine, the expert and his team use the most advanced device for needle-free anesthesia. The device placed on the patient’s head works with high pressure. Thus, anesthetic drugs enter the patient’s skin by pressure. Then the anesthetic drug spreads to the tissue by diffusion and blocks the nerves that transmit pain.

Here is the detail you need to know: In the needle free hair transplant method, a certain level of numbness is created for you with the needle free anesthesia device. Then the specialist and his team will use the needles for tumescent anesthesia.

Who is Suitable for Needle Free Hair Transplantation?

Permanent hair loss can cause psychological distress for both women and men. In addition, a person’s hair loss at a young age can cause self-confidence problems. Let us remind you again that procedures such as FUE hair transplantation and DHI hair transplantation give effective and permanent results.

However, some people avoid hair transplantation due to pain and discomfort instead of benefiting from these hair transplantation methods. Thanks to the needle free hair transplant method, hair transplant operations are now possible for patients with needle phobia.

Needle Free Hair Transplant

What are the Advantages of Needle-Free Hair Transplantation?

  • Specialists use topical and needle-free local anesthesia in these procedures.
  • Applying this method to you will not disrupt your daily life.
  • The doctor and his team perform needle-free anesthesia in a full-fledged hospital.
  • This method is suitable for all hair types.
  • Needle-free hair transplant; It is used in parts of the body where there is hair loss, such as eyebrows and facial hair.

Also, you can call  Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic for more information about needle free hair transplant. Moreover, you can learn all the details about the hair transplant procedures by browsing Dr. Resul Yaman’s social media accounts.

Mild Painful Needle Free Anesthesia

Let’s end our article by mentioning an important point: It is the drug that causes pain and discomfort in applying local anesthesia in hair transplantation. In other words, it is not the local anesthesia technique that causes pain. As a result, needle-free anesthesia causes mild pain. There is no situation where you will not feel pain completely.

Scientific studies in this area have not found any difference in effect between needle-free anesthesia and local anesthesia. Only in needle free anesthesia the comfort in system is that it is slightly painful. While researching this subject, you should remember that needle free hair transplant is a good option only for those with needle phobia.


Is a hair transplant in Turkey painful?

This surgical procedure is not painful, as Turkish doctors professionally perform hair transplants with the most advanced medical materials. Mild pain does not prevent you from continuing your daily life.

Does needle-free anesthesia hurt?

Some patients have high pain thresholds and are afraid of needle procedures. Needle-free anesthesia is the best option for these patients. So they feel the pain almost non-existent.

How painful is local anesthesia for hair transplant?

Local anesthesia used in all hair transplantation methods cause pain of the same intensity. Also, the pain you will feel will be mild. Therefore, if you have hair loss and cannot go to the doctor for fear of pain, there is no need to worry.

Is DHI method painful?

Dr. Resul Yaman performs manual hair transplantation with local anesthesia. In addition, it applies needle-free anesthesia to its patients upon request. You may feel a slight pain during the anesthesia procedures. However, you will not feel any pain during the hair transplant operation. By following the doctor’s instructions, you can easily get through the hair transplant process.