Medical Treatment for Women Hair Loss

Women Hair Loss Hair loss can be seen in women with genetic factors, changing hormone values, diseases, and aging processes. However, thanks to medical advances, there are many options medical treatment for women hair loss. Therefore, if you are experiencing hair loss, there is no need to worry.

It is essential to choose the right doctor in this field. Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate treatment option for you. You need to get rid of the female pattern hair loss problem by following the doctor’s instructions.

Topical medications for hair loss are among the treatment options. In addition, options such as hormone therapy, laser therapy, PRP, and hair transplantation are within the scope of treatment. And, paying attention to your diet will support your hair to be healthier and stronger.




Why Do Women Loss Hair?

    • Androgenetic alopecia is one of the women’s most common causes of hair loss. Also, this is the biggest reason for male pattern hair loss.

Within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss, let us state that testosterone, the male hormone, is synthesized very little in women. However, this hormone interacts with an enzyme found in the hair. As a result of this interaction, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is formed. Thus, DHT causes hair thinning and hair loss in women.


    • Problems related to thyroid hormone, giving birth, pregnancy, and birth control pills are among the factors that cause hair loss.
    • Iron deficiency in women’s blood is very effective in hair loss. If iron deficiency is found as a result of the blood test, iron-fortified treatment is planned. In short, within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss, hair loss will stop when the amount of iron in the patient’s blood reaches an average level.
    • Medicines used in the treatment of some diseases cause hair loss. For example, for cancer, heart, hypertension, and depression, drugs can shed hair.
    • When women shape their hair, pulling it back too far can cause hair loss.
    • Hair loss is common in women who eat irregularly. In addition, excessive weight loss triggers hair loss. The patient who is on a diet to eat regularly should pay attention to taking vitamins and minerals.
    • Within the scope of ‘medical treatment for women hair loss,’ we can say that: Stress or emotional trauma causes hair loss in women.


Is There Any Treatment for Female Hair Loss?

Thanks to medical developments and professional doctors, hair loss treatments give positive results. It is essential to treat this problem before it progresses to advanced stages. He moves on to the treatment phase, after the doctor makes the diagnosis.

As we mentioned above, there are many treatment options. The professional doctor will apply the most suitable one to the patient. So, what are the options for medical treatment for women hair loss? You can read the answer to this question below:


1) Minoxidil

First, minoxidil is an effective and safe drug for both women and men. The Food and Drug Administration has approved this drug to treat hair loss. Patients are satisfied with their results when they use minoxidil.

There are two concentrations of this drug, 2%, and 5%. It is sufficient to use minoxidil 2% solution twice a day. Minoxidil 5% has solution and foam options. It is enough to use this medicine once a day.

Within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss, the American Academy of Dermatology declared that minoxidil with a 2% concentration is more effective in female pattern hair loss. This drug provides thickening of the hair strands. It also increases the growth cycles of hair follicles.

Some women experience increased hair loss when they start using this medicine. But in the following processes, hair loss stops. In addition, the hair becomes stronger. Side effects of minoxidil are irritation, redness, and allergic reactions. Hair growth will occur if you apply for this medicine on your forehead or neck. As a result, minoxidil only is applied directly to the scalp.


2) Ketoconazole

Topical ketoconazole provides a healthier appearance to the hair. It also strengthens the hair. In fact, within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss, this drug effectively treats hair loss caused by inflammation of hair follicles.


3) Hair Transplant

In case of female pattern baldness, the doctor may recommend hair transplantation. For this, unshaven hair transplantation can be performed without shaving the woman’s hair. In cases where other hair loss treatments are not effective, hair transplantation is the definitive solution. Women get natural and healthy hair as a result of hair transplantation.


4) Light Therapy

Those with androgenetic alopecia should receive low-beam therapy together with minoxidil treatment. This generally resulted in the strengthening of the hair strands of the patients.


5) Corticosteroids

For those with alopecia areata, corticosteroid injections give positive results within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss. In other words, corticosteroids can be recommended as treatment if a woman has a problem with patchy hair loss on her head.

New hair grows when this drug is injected into the patient’s balding area. However, lose hair  in other regions may continue. Topical corticosteroids are more effective when used with lotions and skin creams.


6) Hormone Therapy

When women enter menopause, they experience hormone imbalances. For this reason, her hair falls out. When they go to the doctor for treatment, they start hormone therapy. Estrogen or progesterone hormones are treated to prevent hair loss. Also, the doctor may prescribe birth control pills.

Polycystic ovary syndrome seen in women causes excess androgen production. Androgens cause hair loss in women. For this, antiandrogens should be used within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss. Talking to the doctor about the side effects of hormone medications is also important.


7) PRP

Doctors use the platelet-rich liquid obtained from the patient’s blood to reduce the problem of hair loss. First, the doctor draws blood from the patient. It then separates the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. Finally, it injects this liquid into the scalp, where there is hair loss. Thus, it accelerates the repair of the patient’s scalp. PRP increases hair thickness and density.


8) Are Shampoos Helpful for Hair Loss?

Women may have clogged pores on their scalps. Therefore, they may experience hair loss problems. Within the scope of ‘medical treatment for women hair loss,’ we can say that: Some medicated shampoos remove dead skin cells from these pores as part of lose hair treatment in women. It also makes women’s hair healthier.

However, if hair follicles or a medical condition causes women’s hair loss, shampoos will not be effective in solving the problem. Hair loss shampoos can be the most helpful product in solving problems on the scalp.


9) What Should a Nutritious Diet Be Like?

A healthy diet of women positively affects hair growth. A healthy diet list will contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for the hair root. In addition, it is essential to have foods that will eliminate iron deficiency in the diet lists. Especially when women follow a healthy diet, their hair and skin will be healthier and more vibrant within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss.


10) What is Scalp Massage?

Women should massage the scalp to increase blood circulation in the scalp. Regular blood circulation reduces the formation of dandruff in the hair. It also causes better nutrition of hair follicles.


 Hair Loss Treatment in Women with Dr.Resul Yaman

Hair loss is a problem that affects women very negatively. The biggest reason women experience this problem is androgenetic alopecia. If a woman is struggling with the issue of hair loss, she should consult a professional doctor to find out the cause.

In Istanbul, Dr. Resul Yaman provides services in hair transplantation and hair loss treatments globally. In other words, Dr. Yaman has provided solutions to thousands of patients regarding the problem of hair loss. You can apply to Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic within the scope of medical treatment for women hair loss.