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What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplants in Turkey?

Having a hair transplant isn’t as simple or cheap as something basic like getting your hair cut. It takes time, money, and effort, and it’s a big life decision.

Because of this, you understandably want some guarantee of success – you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on surgery only to find that years later you need a 2nd and 3rd procedure, or that the transplanted hair falls out.

In this article, I want to give you that assurance about hair transplant Turkey success rates and show that regardless of location, procedures like FUE and DHI have excellent results, and this is only magnified in Turkey where the hair transplant industry is thriving.

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Are Hair Transplants in Turkey Reliable?

I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about people being left with ugly scars, nightmare surgery experiences, or transplanted hair falling out. While things like this may happen, the reality in Turkey is incredibly different.

This country has over 500 reputable hair transplant clinics with qualified surgeons who have years of experience and have performed thousands of successful grafts. Of the $6 billion hair transplant industry, Turkey represents around 1/6th of its value.

Compared to other nations, the technology, facilities, and procedures are generally more developed and the availability of surgeons is superb.

Of course, I cannot deny that there is a small percentage of shady businesses that operate unlicensed but these are few and far between, and providing you do your research and use your common sense, you will never encounter such a company.

Success Rates for Hair Transplants in Turkey

Globally, the success rate of hair transplants is generally 90-97% which in itself is a testament to how reliable these procedures are. Due to how the surgery works and the tools used, hair transplants do offer fantastic success rates compared to many standard medical procedures like heart surgery and organ transplants.

Hair transplantation in Turkey, however, is typically one-step above this and we are seeing average success rates of 95-97% which is phenomenal. This is due to the following factors from a clinical perspective:

  • Surgeon training: Turkey has some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world and the level of training here is fantastic.
  • Surgeon experience: Adding to the above, most surgeons in Turkey have been practicing for years and it’s relatively easy to find a surgeon with 10+ years of experience.
  • Industry infrastructure: Due to the large number of clinics and the growth of the industry, Turkey can easily support hair transplants and it is a great contribution to the economy.
  • Technology: You will find many new hair transplantation techniques and tools being developed in Turkey and the R&D here is always pushing the boundaries of this field of medicine.

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Factors Affecting Success Rates of Hair Transplants

Hair transplant Turkey success rates are fantastic from a clinical perspective, but it’s also important to know if there is anything you can do to increase your chances of success.

Donor hair quality

The quality and availability of your donor hair really are crucial to hair transplant success but also to the final appearance of your hair. Remember that your own hair is being grafted so if the donor patch is of poor quality or thin, the graft area will also look thin and poor quality.

The skill of the surgeon

Ultimately, the surgeon’s skill and precision are the determining factors for hair transplant success. If they make a mistake during the procedure then the implications can be severe. Choosing the right surgeon who has years of experience is vital for your hair transplant. You can look at hair transplant before and after images to help gauge the quality of a surgeon too.

Your hair loss progression

Properly assessing your hair loss condition is imperative to the success of a hair transplant. Ideally, you should wait until your hair loss has stopped or severely slowed before having this procedure.

If you have a hair transplant and hair is grafted that is still undergoing hair loss, it could simply fall out and mean that your surgery was wasted. The hair transplant surgeon will help with this during the initial consultation.

Aftercare and your lifestyle

Following the aftercare regime laid out by your hair transplant surgeon can affect hair transplant results too because they may prescribe special shampoo or even assistive medication like Finasteride.

Post-surgery could also be a great time to look at your lifestyle and consider reducing or cutting out things like excessive smoking and drinking that can damage your hair quality and cause potential issues with hair transplants.

Turkey Offers the Best Hair Transplant Success Rates

In terms of success and reliability, you can’t go wrong with a professional hair transplant clinic in Turkey. This nation is renowned for its hair transplant industry and this is warranted due to the slightly higher-than-average success rates of FUE and DHI surgeries, the excellent facilities, and affordable package prices.


Dr. Resul YAMAN

Dr. Resul Yaman is a highly experienced and renowned hair transplant surgeon. With over 13 years of expertise, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals through his innovative “modified low-speed micromotor” technique. Dr. Yaman’s commitment to using the latest methods and providing personalized care has established him as one of Turkey’s leading specialists. He specializes in hair transplantation, including eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplants. Dr. Yaman is dedicated to contributing to the hair transplant community, his work was featured in Hair Transplant Network, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Hair Restoration Social Network, and other renowned niche publications.


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