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DHI Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Before undergoing a hair transplant, patients seek answers to many questions. That’s why we’ve decided to write about DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions.

Hair restoration is a significant decision for individuals. Before making this decision, people search for answers online. However, the internet contains a wealth of information about hair transplant in Turkey. Some information is filled with unverified facts and myths.

Dr. Resul Yaman and his team are pleased to assist you in obtaining accurate answers to your questions about hair transplant Turkey. If you want to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions before hair transplant, this article is perfect for you.

Who will perform the Hair Transplant Procedure?

One of the DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions concerns the training of the surgeon and the team who will operate. In some hair transplant centers, the procedure is carried out by technicians who have not received any medical education. We advise being cautious about this.

In certain hair transplant clinics, there might be specialist doctors present. However, these doctors only oversee the procedure for the patient and do not perform any actual operation. The technicians of the hair transplant operation conduct the procedure. A specialist doctor needs to be involved in the operation.

In short, who will perform the hair transplant procedure is one of the DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions.

Dr. Resul Yaman has received comprehensive training in the science and art of hair transplant. As a highly experienced and qualified hair transplant specialist, Dr. Yaman performs the DHI hair transplant Turkey procedure using his developed methods and tools.

Will I Get Guaranteed Natural Results with the Number of Hairs Promised?

In a hair transplant procedure, the survival of the extracted grafts is crucial. Nearly all extracted grafts remain viable in the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method.

Some hair transplant clinics do not perform the number of transplants they promise. Therefore, we recommend conducting thorough research on the hair transplant clinic where you plan to undergo the procedure.

Regarding DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions, let’s discuss the measures necessary for the survival of the extracted grafts:

  • The hair transplant specialist and their team must use a special solution to keep the extracted grafts alive while outside the body.
  • The grafts should be placed in this solution in a manner suitable for it. This means that the extracted grafts should not be held in a pile in the solution.
  • If most of these grafts are not adequately moisturized, they cannot survive even before implantation.
  • And, if the grafts are kept in a pile, it becomes impossible to plan for their appropriate aesthetic distribution. Consequently, the patient may achieve unnatural results.

The survival of grafts after the extraction method is one of the most critical aspects of the procedure. In the realm of DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions, let’s find an answer to this question: What is the best hair transplant method to preserve the vitality of the extracted grafts?

DHI Hair Transplant and the Vitality of the Extracted Grafts

In the DHI hair transplant method, each graft is placed individually in a tray and adequately moisturized. Dr. Resul Yaman performs single-step direct implantation using an implanter pen.

This allows the doctor to perfectly adjust the angle, direction, and depth of the implanted hair. Dr. Resul Yaman’s DHI implanter is his own innovative creation and is patented.

What Results to Expect from Hair Transplant Turkey?

When hair transplantation is performed by an experienced and trained specialist, it will yield permanent natural results. Regarding the DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions, let’s discuss the hair transplant specialist and his method.

In some hair transplant centers, patients may not achieve the desired results post-surgery due to a lack of adherence to necessary protocols during the hair transplant procedure. Adherence by the specialist and their team to the required protocols ensures patients attain lifelong hair.

Dr. Resul Yaman ensures complete control over the angle, depth, and direction of the hair with the DHI hair transplant technique. The Direct Hair Transplant method guarantees 100% natural results, with graft wastage being around 3-4%. Approximately 90 days after the hair transplant surgery, new hair will begin to grow at a natural pace.

When discussing the DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions, it’s important to emphasize this: Patients who come to Turkey for hair restoration at Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Transplant Clinic obtain permanent and natural hair thanks to the clinic’s expertise. For Dr. Resul Yaman before and after hair transplant results, you can explore the relevant section on our website.

What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

In terms of hair transplant costs, Turkey offers more affordable prices compared to the United States and European countries. However, clinics in Turkey that perform these cosmetic surgeries in a high-quality and enduring manner do not offer their services at extremely low prices.

For a good service and outcome, the price of a hair transplant will be at reasonable levels. We advise against trusting clinics that offer extremely low prices.

Now, under the heading of DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions, let’s clarify the following: When spending your hard-earned money on a hair transplant, pay attention to the following:

  • Ensure that the hair transplant clinic does not take any shortcuts during the hair restoration procedure.
  • Especially, who performs the procedure is crucial. The hair transplant specialist Turkey should be an experienced, artistically skilled, and knowledgeable doctor. We recommend reading about Dr. Resul Yaman hair transplant Reddit reviews.
  • The hygiene and safety protocols followed by the hair transplant clinic are of utmost importance.
  • The devices and tools used by the specialist and their team during the surgical procedure should meet high standards.
  • It’s essential to provide the required number of grafts to address the patient’s issue and successfully implant them in the recipient area.

DHI Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions and Hair Restoration Price

One of the DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions concerns hair restoration price, and DHI clinics offer the following within a reasonable price range: Natural, high-quality, dense hair and hygienic, safe, and technological services…

Dr. Resul Yaman customizes the DHI hair transplant process for each candidate, rendering it unique. Thus, when the candidate achieves the results of the hair transplant, they have effectively addressed the problem of hair loss in the most excellent manner.

Concluding our discussion on DHI hair transplant frequently asked questions, the final point to note is: To find out about the hair transplant cost Turkey you can contact Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Transplant Clinic.