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Hair Transplant in the USA vs. Turkey: Pros and Cons of Each

If you are looking at getting a hair transplant, I want to open your eyes to the possibility of overseas procedures. Most people never consider having surgery in another country and they typically use their own nation’s healthcare system.

However, in the case of hair transplants, this isn’t always the most viable option. This is because the hair transplant industry has developed at different speeds and to different quality standards across the globe and there is no standardization.

In this article, I take a look at the hair transplant Turkey vs US conundrum for US patients to open your eyes to the possibility of having a Turkey hair transplant and the benefits it can provide.

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Hair Transplants in the USA

The US hair transplant industry is not as advanced as Turkey and is still developing. That being said, healthcare in the US is generally a high standard and surgeons receive fantastic training. There is of course the location benefit too.

Pros of Getting a Hair Transplant in the USA

Quality and Safety Standards

Although access to healthcare is an issue in the US with their insurance schemes, hospitals, clinics, and surgeons have high safety and quality standards compared to the rest of the world. The US regularly ranks at the top in terms of these categories.

Access to Highly Skilled Surgeons

Despite the relative infancy of hair transplantation in the US, the surgeons still have an excellent level of training and skill comparatively speaking with surgeons from around the world. Medical training in the US remains of a high standard.

Language and Communication

As a US citizen, your primary language is most likely American English. The great news about having a hair transplant in your home country is that there is no language barrier and communication shouldn’t be an issue.

Cons of Getting a Hair Transplant in the USA

Cost Considerations

Although you are saving money on travel expenses by not flying to Turkey, the hair transplant Turkey vs USA debate still swings in the European country’s favor in terms of cost due to how the American healthcare system works and how it is paid for.

Waiting Lists and Availability

Quality hair transplant surgeons like Dr. Resul Yaman are accessible and available in Turkey and the waiting lists are not extensive. This differs in the US and you could be waiting much longer for your hair transplant due to limited availability.

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage, policies, and payouts are incredibly complicated in the US compared to other countries and this adds another layer of complexity to the hair transplant surgery debate. You have to look at what you can realistically afford and what your insurance covers.

Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Turkey is regularly rated as THE top destination for hair transplants in the world and it has a superb reputation for its abundance of surgeons and clinics, fantastic medical tourism industry, and affordability.

Pros of Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Affordability and Value

When looking at getting a hair transplant procedure done in Turkey vs the USA, cost and value for money swings in the favor of clinics in Turkey. Due to the infrastructure, competition, and economic situation in Turkey, hair transplants are much cheaper here without sacrificing quality or value for money compared to the USA.

Experienced Surgeons

Most hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have years (sometimes decades) of experience and have completed hundreds of successful hair grafts using a variety of techniques like FUT, FUE, and DHI. The industry is simply better developed and thus the surgeon quality and experience is greater.

Medical Tourism Benefits

Let’s not forget, Turkey is a beautiful country to visit with some amazing sites! You will most likely get your hair transplant in Istanbul and this city alone is bursting with historic architecture and Turkey cultural experiences. You could turn your hair transplant into a medical tourism trip!

Cons of Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Travel and Logistics

I can’t deny that the travel is more of an issue for US patients getting to Turkey and this does come at an expense. You have to have annual leave available and be willing to travel into Europe and a different country and not everyone is comfortable with that.

Language Barriers

While English is spoken by the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, it is their second language, therefore, communication may not be as smooth as with a US clinic and surgeon.

Making Your Decision

I won’t give a definitive answer to getting a hair transplant surgery USA vs Turkey argument as personal circumstances may sway you one way. However, to summarize, hair transplants in the US are better suited for those who don’t want to travel far or are limited in terms of annual leave.

In contrast, if you want the best in terms of quality, surgeon experience, and results, Turkey is considered the premier hair transplant destination in the world without breaking the bank too.

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