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How to Hide a Hair Transplant?

It’s not the potential pain or the procedure itself that puts most people off of hair transplants. No, instead, it’s the noticeable recovery period and the fact that you fear people will know you have had the procedure. It’s the fear of embarrassment.

This is understandable but it shouldn’t be an issue and in this article, I look at how to hide a hair transplant so you can reduce any uncomfortable feelings you may have afterward.

The Potential Problem After a Hair Transplant

Let’s delve into the issue first. After a hair transplant, there are some noticeable differences in your scalp and hair. Firstly, there could be some swelling, redness, and scabbing around the donor area and graft sites which may look unsightly.

Secondly, your hair may be shaven or it may be uneven which can differ greatly from your typical hairstyle. These differences can cause people to be embarrassed, and if you are self-conscious it can be a nightmare which is why it’s important to understand how to hide a hair transplant.

Before Hiding, Help Your Recovery Process

You can actually help your situation by taking the recovery process seriously and following your surgeon’s guidelines. Just look at the before and after images from our previous patients and you can see how effective the surgeries are.

Your surgeon should provide an aftercare and recovery plan and if you stick to it this will help any redness, swelling, and scabbing to reduce quickly and thus cause less potential embarrassment.

4 Effective Ways to Hide a Hair Transplant a man hiding behind a hat

Even with a quick and effective recovery, there may still be some noticeable visual differences on your scalp. To help combat this, I have listed four simple ways to hide your hair transplant below.

Adjust your hairstyle pre-emptively beforehand

After a hair transplant you will have patches of shorter hair so if you have a longer haircut, this could make your hair look uneven and the transplant more noticeable. A simple way to combat this is to transition to a shorter hairstyle a month or so before your procedure.

If you cut your hair shorter long before your transplant, it gives your friends, family, and coworkers a chance to adjust to your new look and lessen the shock of your hair being short after a hair transplant.

Use hair transplant concealers

Did you know that there is a range of cosmetic concealers specifically designed for use post-hair transplant? Common products include DermMatch and Toppik.

DermMatch is a type of concealer that coats your existing hair to give it a thicker appearance and to help it stand up and spread out. It can effectively hide the donor areas of hair transplants and help disguise the grafted areas until they have grown in.

Toppik is slightly different in that it uses magnetically charged particles that bind to your existing hair to improve its volume. The substance includes Keratin which is found in human hair so the effect is incredibly natural.

Wear a hat

Did you know that there is no scientific evidence to support the age-old theory that wearing a hat contributes to hair loss? Indeed, after a hair transplant, it is advised to wear a hat not only to protect your grafted hair but to protect your scalp from sun damage.

A hat is a simple and effective way to conceal your hair transplant too. As with a change in hairstyle, I recommend starting to wear a hat long before your procedure as it might look a little odd if you randomly start deciding to wear headgear!

Go on holiday

If you are traveling abroad for your hair transplant to a destination like Turkey, why not make it an extended trip and turn it into a vacation?

Medical tourism is a booming industry and by having an extended holiday of 7-10 days the recovery period should be all but over and any noticeable scabbing and swelling will have disappeared. This is a dual benefit – firstly, you can conceal your hair transplant simply by not being there, but you also get an amazing holiday in an exciting destination like Turkey.

Don’t Hide Your Transplant – Embrace It!

I want to reiterate to everyone that there is no shame in having a hair transplant. It isn’t something that you should be embarrassed about as hair loss affects a huge percentage of the world’s population. For example, it’s estimated that by the age of 35, ⅔ of the USA’s male population will have some degree of hair loss.

To that end, while you can hide your hair transplant effectively, there is also no reason why you cannot embrace it and be proud of the fact that you have taken steps to make a change and take care of your appearance.