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Female DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

The most effective and natural-looking hair transplant method for women is Direct Hair Implantation, commonly known as DHI. Female DHI hair transplant Turkey has become a sought-after solution for many women looking to rejuvenate and regrow their hair. Dr. Resul Yaman’s Hair Transplant Clinic is widely renowned for its exceptional results and is highly popular among both men and women.

Istanbul is globally recognized as a premier destination for high-quality and long-lasting hair transplants for women. Clinics like Dr. Resul Yaman’s specialize in hair transplantation procedures and consistently deliver favorable outcomes.

However, when choosing a hair transplant physician, it’s crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly evaluate the doctor’s experience, the clinic’s reputation, and the documented results of previous patients such as hair transplant before and after results.

Is Female Hair Transplant Safe?

Dr. Resul Yaman’s female DHI hair transplant Turkey procedure offers numerous benefits for women. Most importantly, it will restore the volume of your hair and look completely natural. The doctor’s DHI technique ensures that the transplanted hair grows normally, following the natural hair growth pattern of your scalp. After a DHI treatment, you can style your hair without worrying about visible scarring.

Dr. Resul Yaman and his team perform the DHI hair transplant for women under local anesthesia, completing it in a single day. The doctor utilizes his own developed tools and techniques, seamlessly executing the female DHI hair transplant Turkey surgical process.

Particularly, he extracts grafts from your donor area without over-harvesting, ensuring that the density and thickness of your hair in the donor area will appear as it did before once it heals. Taking action early for the hair transplant Turkey women procedure increases the likelihood of preventing further hair loss.

If you have questions about hair loss solutions, we invite you to schedule a consultation with experienced Dr. Resul Yaman. The doctor will assist you in selecting the right hair loss treatment for you. Take a look at before and after female DHI hair transplant Turkey photos and see for yourself how effective the treatment can be.

Best Female DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

Everyone desires to have healthy and beautiful hair, but at times, hair loss can be disheartening and lead to a loss of self-confidence. For women in particular, their hair is often considered one of their most essential accessories.

If your hair is not as you’d like it to be or if you’re experiencing hair loss due to various reasons, there’s no need to worry. With the advancement of technology and science, there is a solution for everything. You can achieve healthier and fuller hair through hair transplantation.

Have confidence in the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Resul Yaman when it comes to female DHI hair transplant Turkey. The doctor has performed thousands of hair transplant operations and is renowned as the foremost name in the realm of the best hair transplant in Turkey.

How do They Do Hair Transplant in Women?

Hair loss in women can be attributed to genetic factors as well as a multitude of other causes. Particularly during pregnancy, hair loss can increase due to hormonal changes. Irregular nutrition, excessive stress, an unhealthy lifestyle also play a significant role in female hair loss.

The women who have tried various methods without achieving the desired results can opt for a female DHI hair transplant Turkey. This way, you can undergo a hair transplantation procedure in a single session, without the need for extended time and multiple sessions. As a result, you attain permanent, natural, and healthy hair.

In women, hair transplant is generally performed for thinning, not baldness in women, the desired tightening is achieved. Shaving your hair is not necessary for the operation. The doctor fills the spaces between your existing hair without cutting your hair short, resolving the issue of thinning.

How long does a female hair transplant last? Dr. Resul Yaman extracts grafts from strong hair follicles and transfers them to problem areas. After the female DHI hair transplant Turkey healing process is complete, you won’t experience any further hair loss issues.

How the Process Works Before and After Hair Transplant in Women

Prior to the operation, the patient undergoes various tests for evaluation and precautionary purposes. The results are assessed accordingly. Dr. Resul Yaman will provide you with information about the steps to take before a hair transplant.

After a female DHI hair transplant Turkey, there are specific post-operative instructions that must be followed. The doctor will provide you with detailed guidance on these instructions, which are crucial for achieving permanent and healthy hair.

Following the surgical procedure, you should refrain from washing your hair for two days, and the initial washing should be performed by the clinic. Dr. Resul Yaman will inform you about the shock loss that will commence after the 10th day of the hair transplant. In short, your hair will shed up to the third month, which is a normal occurrence within the healing process.

Is hair transplant successful in females? Female DHI hair transplant Turkey results in a growth rate of approximately 50-60% within six months, and the full growth of up to 100% occurs between the 8th and 12th months, varying based on each patient’s characteristics. It’s important to use a shampoo that does not contain chemicals, parabens, or artificial colors during the washing process.

Female DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Before delving into the Turkey hair transplant cost, let’s first provide information about who is not eligible for this procedure. Hair transplant procedures for women can be performed at nearly any age, with a few exceptions. It is not recommended for individuals with chronic illnesses (such as heart, diabetes, liver, or kidney problems), and pregnant women.

The duration of the operation varies depending on the average graft count. Furthermore, how much is a hair transplant female? Female DHI hair transplant Turkey cost is subject to several factors. These factors include the number of grafts for the hair transplant, the expertise of the doctor, the clinic’s features, and the method used by the doctor.

Women often prefer the non-shaven DHI hair transplant to ensure that the fact that they underwent a hair transplant is not easily noticeable. Before getting a hair transplant, thorough research is essential, and following the doctor’s instructions, post-surgery will make the process smoother for you.

If you seek detailed information about female DHI hair transplant Turkey and wish to schedule a preliminary consultation, you can contact Dr. Resul Yaman’s Hair Transplant Clinic.