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4810 Grafts – 5 Years Result

Check out the video to see the transformation of our 50-year-old patient who had a Norwood 5A hair loss issue. This person reached out to Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic when he was 45, seeking a solution. Dr. Resul Yaman performed FUE extraction and manual DHI implantation five years ago, and it was a successful procedure. Now, our patient enjoys the permanent hair he’d been hoping for.

We recommend that you oversee this video, which shows the permanence of the hair transplants performed by Dr. Resul Yaman. In the video, you can see the doctor combing the transplanted hair. In 2018, the patient underwent a hair restoration operation involving 4810 grafts. Based on the before and after hair transplant results, you can see that the hair is strong and healthy, although a long time has passed.

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Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair transplantation is the primary and effective solution for hair loss and baldness problems. In addition, manual FUE and DHI methods will be the best options if you want a hair transplant. Dr. Resul Yaman performs follicular unit extraction using the punches he developed. This surgical procedure is a microtechnique and prevents damage to the grafts.

Our patient in the video has no scars in the donor area because Dr. Resul Yaman uses non-rotator or half-rotator instruments while removing the grafts. After the grafts are taken, they are placed in a solution, and the implantation process is started.

Hair Transplantation Results of the Above Middle Age Patient

Before explaining the implantation process, let me state the following. If you are wondering about the results of before and after hair transplant results between 4500 grafts and 5000 grafts, it is helpful to watch this video. The reason is that you will see the success of the transplant result between 4500 grafts and 5000 grafts in the video. In other words, you can find the answer to the question ‘Is hair transplantation permanent?’ in this video.

Immediately after hair transplantation, the patient received Sawpolmetto and Biotin support. The patient has not received any additional treatment for the last four years.

In the meantime, the transplanted hair can naturally turn white. In other words, the implanted hair may turn white like the hair in the donor area. As you can see, the patient’s transplanted hair has turned white, like the hair in the donor area.

In the video, Dr. Yaman details the patient’s hair. Although the patient is middle-aged and has more hair loss on the scalp, the result is excellent.

Dr. Resul Yaman Performs Direct Hair Transplantation

Dr. Resul Yaman performs the implant procedure carefully and meticulously with the Yaman implanter. In other words, it implants the hair follicles one by one to cover the problem area. Since the doctor has been doing this job for many years, he achieves successful results within the scope of before and after hair transplant results. Each hair follicle is placed at a certain depth and an appropriate angle with a Yaman implanter.

Dr. Resul Yaman performed thousands of hair transplants. Moreover, it treats patients from all over the world with its professional team. If you want permanent hair with the transplantation process between 4500 grafts and 5000 grafts, you can rely on the experienced hands and vast knowledge of Dr. Resul Yaman.

Dr. Resul YAMAN

Dr. Resul Yaman is a highly experienced and renowned hair transplant surgeon. With over 13 years of expertise, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals through his innovative “modified low-speed micromotor” technique. Dr. Yaman’s commitment to using the latest methods and providing personalized care has established him as one of Turkey’s leading specialists. He specializes in hair transplantation, including eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplants. Dr. Yaman is dedicated to contributing to the hair transplant community, his work was featured in Hair Transplant Network, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Hair Restoration Social Network, and other renowned niche publications.