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3620 Grafts Before – After






3500 Grafts-3600 Grafts Hair Transplant Before & After

The patient whose video and photos you see had Norwood 4 hair loss 12 months ago. While talking about 3620 grafts before and after hair transplantation, let us state that there are 950 single grafts, 1890 double grafts, and 780 triple grafts in 3620 grafts. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a sample of around 3500 grafts in hair transplant procedures, you should examine the successful outcome of this patient. The doctor easily combs our patient’s new hair in this video.

Dr. Resul Yaman plans a hair transplant operation to suit every patient. The density and design of the hair of the patient whose photos you see are adjusted very close to the natural density. Dr. Resul Yaman has created the necessary zigzags on the front line. One year later, the patient expressed satisfaction with his healthy and natural-looking hair.

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Over 3500 Grafts Hair Transplant

Dr. Resul Yaman integrated 3620 grafts into this patient’s scalp with the manual DHI method using the specific implanter pen. Moreover, Dr. Resul Yaman opened the channels in the recipient area and determined the most suitable hair follicular angle. He performed over 3500 graft procedures in one session in total with his experienced team. Completing the 3620 grafts before and after procedure in one session shows the high skill and knowledge of Dr. Resul Yaman.

In this video, you can see how well our patient’s natural and healthy hair, which has 4.8 micron-thick hair, looks good after the operation. Norwood 4 hair loss is an excellent example of covering with over 3500 grafts. Our patient finished his medical treatment in the 9th month and is not receiving supportive treatment.

If you are wondering about hair transplant results in general, our patients’ 3620 grafts before and after hair transplant images will be a perfect example. Apply to Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic to benefit from the treatment of over 3500 grafts hair transplant in Turkey.

Dr. Resul YAMAN

Dr. Resul Yaman is a highly experienced and renowned hair transplant surgeon. With over 13 years of expertise, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals through his innovative “modified low-speed micromotor” technique. Dr. Yaman’s commitment to using the latest methods and providing personalized care has established him as one of Turkey’s leading specialists. He specializes in hair transplantation, including eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplants. Dr. Yaman is dedicated to contributing to the hair transplant community, his work was featured in Hair Transplant Network, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Hair Restoration Social Network, and other renowned niche publications.