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2890 Grafts – 2 Years Result


In the before & after hair transplant result video of Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic, our patient is in his 30s. It has a medium hair thickness of 5.6 microns. This patient had Norwood 3-type hair loss. Dr. Resul Yaman performed hair restoration of 2500-3000 grafts for this patient.

When you examine our patient’s results for 17 months, you will see that he has obtained natural and dense hair. In other words, this hair, which was implanted almost 2 years ago, is easily combed. In addition, he will use his healthy and strong hair for many years. You can see in the video how perfect the patient’s hair quality is without any treatment.

Within the scope of before & after hair transplant results, let us state the following: Dr. Resul Yaman uses single, double, and multiple grafts while performing hair transplantation. He implanted 2890 grafts to the patient in the video. These consist of 520 single grafts, 1560 double grafts, and 810 multiple grafts. So, how does Dr. Resul Yaman perform hair transplantation between 2500 grafts and 3000 grafts?

Solving Hair Loss Problems with Dr. Resul Yaman

Our patient wanted to share his satisfaction with the video because he was satisfied with the hair restoration he had done 17 months ago. To solve the hair loss problem, he trusted Dr.Resul Yaman’s professionalism and knowledge. As a result, he achieved an excellent result with a natural looking and hair density.

Dr. Resul Yaman conducted a meticulous study while extracting the grafts with the manual FUE technique. In addition, the doctor used a low-speed modified micromotor during the extraction. As a result, grafts were collected from the donor site with minimal damage.

The reason why Dr. Resul Yaman prefers manual extraction is to select the most suitable grafts. Thus, the strongest grafts were transplanted in the recipient area without damage. Within the scope of the before & after hair transplant result, let us state the following: By watching the video, you can see how natural and healthy the patient’s donor area is after 17 months. The doctor combs the patient’s donor area with a comb. It is seen in the video how dense his hair is in the donor area.

Manual DHI Technique and Dr. Resul Yaman

The manual DHI technique transplanted the patient’s grafts to the hairless parts. Dr. Resul Yaman used the implanter pen he developed while implanting the grafts. Thus, hair follicles were safely transplanted into bald areas.

Local anesthesia was given to the patient. In addition, this patient did not feel any pain during the procedure. During the hair transplantation, our patient watched the videos he wanted on the smart TV. Let us state the following within the scope of the before & after hair transplant result: The operation ended comfortably.

Before the operation, the doctor gave general information to the patient about the operation process. Thus, the patient did not encounter any surprises during the process. The friendly staff at the Dr. Resul Yaman clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, supported our patient throughout the process.

The patient received Sawpalmetto support for the first nine months. He is not currently taking any vitamin or mineral supplements.

In the video, Dr. Resul Yaman combs the patient’s hair from the recipient and donor areas. We recommend examining the density, naturalness, and distribution of the hair on which approximately 3000 grafts are implanted. Let us state the following within the scope of before & after hair transplant result: If you want to solve your problems, such as hair loss and baldness, and regain your self-confidence, contact us.


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