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Does Changing Shampoos Cause Hair Loss? Facts vs. Myths

Many factors contribute to hair loss such as genetics, medical conditions, and stress, but what about the thing you use to wash your hair with? Does changing shampoo cause hair loss and can washing your hair cause damage? This is what I look at in the below article.

Understanding How Shampoo Contributes to Hair Loss

First, I want to state that there is no scientific evidence showing that frequently changing your shampoo causes hair loss. You could use a different shampoo every day and it could not affect your hair at all.

However, there are ingredients in shampoo that have the potential to cause increased hair loss above the typical average we lose naturally per day. This is an important thing to remember too. Naturally, it’s estimated that we lose around 100 hairs per day as part of our hair growth cycle. At the same time, we lose these hairs, new hairs are also coming through and growing which means it isn’t a problem.

It’s only when the balance swings in favor of losing more hairs than we are growing that it’s an issue and this is where shampoo can play a role.

Ingredients in Shampoo That Can Be Harmful

Although there isn’t concrete evidence, limited studies have pointed towards different ingredients potentially having negative effects on our hair including hair loss and I have listed the common ones below.


Parabens are used as a preservative to protect the shampoo but they can affect hormones too and in extreme cases contribute to hair loss although this is incredibly rare.


Sulfates have a cleansing effect but they can also irritate your hair and skin – particularly if you have a sensitive scalp. If your hair is already naturally dry, sulfates can cause breakage which can look like hair loss.

Isopropyl Alchohol

This ingredient could give you cause to look into insights into successful DHI restoration as it can cause hair breakage. It dries out your hair and makes it brittle which can cause breakages which could appear to be like hair loss.

Tips for Transitioning Shampoos Safely

woman washing her hair with shampoo Trying to avoid the above ingredients can help, but there are other things you can do regarding your shampooing routine and changing products.

Understand your hair type

If you are worried about hair loss and the cost of something like a hair transplant and want to do everything you can to avoid it, the first thing to do is understand your hair type. Every person’s hair is different and will react to shampoos differently.

For example, you may have naturally oily or dry hair so certain shampoos could be detrimental to this. By understanding your hair type you can find a suitable shampoo and minimize the chance of any adverse reactions.

Read the ingredients carefully

I bet most people have never read the ingredients of their shampoos unless they know they have sensitive hair or a sensitive scalp. It’s not something we do and most people just read what the shampoo does and if it has any fragrance like coconut!

If you have noticed that a certain shampoo seems to prompt more hair loss or dries your hair out, check the instructions. It could be one of the above chemicals or minerals I mentioned above in which instance you may want to change shampoos.

Minimize switching shampoos

Constantly changing shampoos doesn’t contribute to hair loss, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great idea either. If you constantly barrage your hair with different ingredients from shampoos there is no sense of consistency or regularity in the treatment and care it’s getting.

I recommend finding a shampoo that works for your hair type and that gives you the results you want and sticking with it.

Try not to wash your hair daily

I’m sure you know someone who washes their hair daily and it’s something of a ritual – you may even do this yourself. Generally, washing your hair daily isn’t a great idea as it can reduce the natural oils in your hair and scalp and dry your hair out.

I get that this may feel dirty but there is nothing wrong with shampooing your hair on alternative days or 3-4 times a week. If you don’t like the idea of doing this, I suggest looking for mild shampoos – these are specially formulated shampoos that manufacturers produce that can be used daily without drying your scalp too much.

Choose a Shampoo That Complements Your Hair

So, does changing shampoo cause hair loss? In most cases, no. However, there are ingredients in shampoo that could increase hair loss, and it’s important to choose your shampoo carefully and find one that works for you.

Once you have found one that works and complements your hair type, stick with it. Not because changing shampoo is an issue, but more because everyone’s hair is different so you want a shampoo that gives you the cleansing and nutrients your hair and scalp needs.