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DHI Hair Transplant in the Crown Region- Vertex Area

A hair transplant specialist performs the DHI hair transplant procedure, including the patient’s vertex area, which is commonly referred to as the crown of the head. The term vertex denotes the pinnacle or highest point, and in medical terminology, it is used to describe the topmost part of the scalp.

Dr. Resul Yaman frequently employs the DHI hair transplant in the crown for male patients, and for female patients, he adeptly utilizes the direct hair transplant technique for the vertex area. Regardless of the method chosen by an expert, the patient’s hair texture, shape, and volume play a significant role in the success of the hair transplant.

The skin thickness in the vertex area is notably greater compared to other regions, making it crucial for the hair transplant in this area to be meticulously performed by a professional to prevent the development of significant scars.

The direction of hair growth varies from one individual to another. However, for the hair in the vertex area to grow naturally and not stick out unnaturally after transplantation, the doctor’s experience is of critical importance.

Dr. Resul Yaman ensures that the DHI hair transplant in the crown results in the grafts obtaining a natural appearance during the procedure. The doctor and the team meticulously determine the most suitable angle for implantation, thereby achieving a successful hair transplant.

What is a Hair Transplant in the Vertex Area?

Before performing a hair transplant, Dr. Resul Yaman assesses the patient’s hair pattern. During the consultation, the doctor determines the direction of hair growth, and the number of grafts required for the crown area, and evaluates whether the donor area has an adequate supply of grafts. If the donor area lacks sufficient grafts, hair grafts may be harvested from the patient’s beard.

DHI hair transplant in the crown is a method successfully applied by Dr. Resul Yaman. However, prior to the DHI procedure, grafts need to be extracted from the donor area. To accomplish this, the doctor and the team utilize the manual punch FUE extraction method.

In this technique, the use of non-rotator or half-rotator punches ensures minimal graft loss during extraction. Furthermore, thanks to the punches used by Dr. Resul Yaman, the hair density in the donor area appears just as dense as it was before once the patient has healed. We recommend examining hair transplant before and after photos and videos for a more comprehensive understanding of the DHI hair transplant in the crown.

Is it Difficult to Transplant Hair to the Vertex Area?

Hair restoration surgery in the vertex area performed by hair transplant specialists are more challenging than those in other areas. This is because achieving a natural appearance in the crown area requires more meticulous work.

How do you cover vertex baldness? As you might expect, vertex balding is a common issue we encounter. Hair loss in the vertex area is often due to male androgenetic alopecia. As mentioned earlier, the skin in the vertex area is thicker than in other parts.

When performing implantation, the hair transplant specialist needs to use implanters with a tip size smaller than 1mm in diameter for the crown area. Using implanters larger than 1mm in diameter can result in difficult-to-heal wounds in the recipient area.

Dr. Resul Yaman employs his own developed Yaman implanter during the DHI hair transplant in the crown procedure, which leaves no visible traces. Moreover, the Yaman implanter allows grafts harvested from the donor area to be implanted into the vertex area without any direct contact.

During the DHI procedure, Dr. Resul Yaman ensures that grafts are not implanted more than 2.5mm deep. This ensures the grafts firmly anchor to the skin, providing the most perfect and long-lasting results.

What is the Success Rate of Crown Area in Hair Transplant?

The success of a DHI hair transplant in the crown can vary depending on the patient’s genetic predisposition, hormonal levels, and other personal factors. However, with advancements in technology in the field of hair transplantation, success rates have reached as high as 95-98%.

DHI hair transplant is one of the effective methods that achieve these success rates. It is particularly challenging to transplant hair in the vertex area of the scalp compared to other regions, making it crucial for the hair transplant specialist and their team to work meticulously during the procedure.

Dr. Resul Yaman, based in Istanbul, measures the parameters before the operation and prepares the hair transplant plan. As a result, Dr. Resul Yaman consistently achieves successful and long-lasting results in the DHI hair transplant in the crown procedure.

The Problem of Horse Tail in Hair Transplant in the Vertex

The issue of a horse tail may arise as an undesirable outcome in hair transplantation to the vertex region. The reason for encountering this problem lies in the timing error during the hair transplant operation on the crown area.

It is essential for the hair transplant specialist to accurately determine the right timing when performing the procedure on the vertex region. This way, the expert can prevent the development of a horse-tail-like appearance after the hair transplant.

Dr. Resul Yaman takes into account factors such as the patient’s hair loss rate and other relevant considerations before a DHI hair transplant. Subsequently, the doctor devises an appropriate strategy for the DHI hair transplant in the crown procedure to avert the occurrence of the horse tail issue.

DHI Hair Transplant in the Crown Prices

DHI Hair Transplant prices Turkey can be influenced by various factors, such as the reputation and experience of the medical team, the extent of hair loss, the complexity of the procedure, and the quality of the facilities and equipment used. Hair transplant costs Turkey may also vary based on the number of grafts required and the specific needs of the patient.

It’s important to note that while pricing can vary, Dr. Resul Yaman’s Hair Transplant Clinic offers affordable options without compromising the quality of services provided. Dr. Resul Yaman’s Clinic is known for delivering exceptional DHI hair transplant in the crown procedures with a focus on both affordability and the highest standards of care.