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Thanks to the developing medical techniques and affordable prices, eyelash and eyebrow transplant is a procedure everyone can reach. Some people’s eyebrows and eyelashes may be sparse from birth. In addition, shedding may occur in this area due to the stress of daily life. In addition, eyelashes or eyebrow hairs may be lost due to accidents, trauma, or obsessive plucking.

Meanwhile, thick and full eyebrows have significant aesthetic value in many cultures. You can achieve thick and full eyebrows with makeup, eyebrow pigmentation, and permanent eyebrow makeup. The most effective solution will be hair transplant, which is frequently preferred. In addition, this technique is essential for closing the scars, wounds, and burn marks on the eyebrows.


How is Eyebrow Transplant Performed?


    • Eyebrow transplant is a process that needs to be done very carefully and requires design engineering. Placing even one hair follicle at the wrong angle and direction can have visibly bad results.
    • The doctor should analyze the donor area well before the transplant procedure. Generally, it uses the areas where the follicular units are strong on the scalp at the back of the head as donor hair.
    • Human’s normal eyebrow hairs are very thin. While the hair thickness is between 3-7 microns on average, the eyebrow thickness varies between 2-5 microns. If the hair of the patient is very thick, it should not be preferred because it will look very prominent and dark on the eyebrows.
    • The grafts the doctor will take from the donor area have 2 or 3 strands of hair. These grafts must be cut and turned into single hairs when placing these grafts on the eyebrows. The reason is that there is no double or triple hair follicle in the human eyebrow. For this reason, it should never be planted as double or triple hair strands.
    • Another issue is that the hair on the head grows regularly. Hair strands transplanted to the eyebrow area also continue to grow. The hair strands planted in the eyebrow area will grow more frequently because of the high blood flow rate. That’s why it needs to be trimmed regularly.
    • Dr. Resul Yaman is a specialist in design engineering and has experience in eyebrow transplant. You can choose Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic to get the most visible area on your face.


What is the Process after an Eyebrow Transplant?

First, you should have eyebrow and eyelash transplantation done in a clinical setting. The doctor must perform the transplant procedure. After eyebrow hair transplantation, crusting can be seen for a week. These crusts will be the size of a pinhead. In addition, these crusts disappear in a short time.

After eyebrow hair transplants, the eyebrows will grow again after about three months. Moreover, it takes its final shape after 7 or 8 months. Most importantly, your eyebrows will fall out 15 days after transplantation. This shedding process continues for three months. After this period, your eyebrows will not fall out in any way. After an eyebrow transplant, you should pay attention to the following:


    • Try not to be exposed to sunlight for two weeks after eyebrow repair.
    • Avoid environments such as pools or the sea.
    • Also, do not do intense sports.

To achieve the most natural appearance in transplantation, you should choose your doctor carefully. Dr. Resul Yaman gives you the best service with sufficient experience and knowledge.


Eyelash Transplant

An essential factor that reveals your eyes’ beauty is your eyelashes. In addition, your eyelashes are essential for your eye health. There are people whose eyelashes have been damaged due to accidents. Some people use false eyelashes or excessive cosmetic products and lose their eyelashes. In addition, some do not have congenital eyelashes. Or they have lost eyebrows or eyelashes due to ailments.

Dr. Resul Yaman is a doctor who has many years of hair transplant experience. And he has done dozens of eyelash transplants before. Dr. Resul Yaman says that an eyelash transplant should not be done for aesthetic purposes. However, it states that the eyelash hair treatment should be applied to fill gaps. Such as scars and burn marks. Moreover, the placement direction of the hair follicles is essential in this transplantation process. It creates a problem even with a slight difference in the placement angle of the hair follicles. In other words, it causes you to have eyelashes that close your field of vision.


eyebrowWhich are the Best Eyelash Transplant and Eyebrow Transplant Centers?


    • First, check the doctor’s resume for the best eyelash and eyebrow transplant centers. These processes require serious experience and design engineering skills.
    • You should search for patient comments to get a natural result.
    • Thus, you can learn about the doctor and the clinic by reading the clinic’s comments.


Eyelash Transplant and Eyebrow Transplant Prices

Especially the price research for eyebrow transplantation is inquisitive. Some clinics make a price-per-root calculation method. Some clinics operate without graft limitation through the procedure.

You can contact patient representatives for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation at the Dr. Resul Yaman clinic. This way, we can help you with eyelash transplant and eyebrow transplant prices.


Professional Eyebrow Restoration

Dr. Resul Yaman does the pre-operative planning together with you. In addition, the doctor will tell you about the realistic results of this procedure.  An eyebrow transplant is an operation that will affect your expression and appearance. Therefore, you will need a doctor to integrate each hair strand correctly. Dr. Resul Yaman performs transplantation with precision and professionalism.

Also, Dr. Resul Yaman has helped many patients to have natural-looking, healthy, perfect eyebrows. You should not hesitate to apply to Dr.Resul Yaman’s clinic for eyebrow and eyelash transplant.

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