Dr. Resul YAMAN

Having hundreds of hair transplant experiences from all over the world for about 13 years, Dr. Resul YAMAN is at the top of his profession with the developments in his knowledge and technique. He is also among the world’s famous hair transplant surgeons.

Dr. Resul YAMAN

Having hundreds of hair transplant experiences from all over the world for about 13 years, Dr. Resul YAMAN is at the top of his profession with the developments in his knowledge and technique. He is also among the world’s famous hair transplant surgeons.

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3SE Hair Transplantation

Dr. Resul Yaman developed the 3 SE methodology within the scope of DHI hair transplantation. The safest examination is the first stage of this methodology. Dr. Resul Yaman determines the number of hair in your donor area, graft number, and multiple grafts with 3D modeling. In other words, it detects every detail about your hair structure during the examination stage. It also measures the recipient area in cm2. The doctor calculates how many grafts should be extracted from cm2 of the donor area.

At this stage, the doctor performs manual FUE extraction using non-rotator and half-rotator manual punches. In other words, it removes the grafts with the punches it developed. Thus, your donor area and grafts will not be damaged. You are also protected from the problem of over-harvesting in your donor area. Dr. Resul Yaman performs the procedure with maximum quality by protecting stem cell activity and oil gland around the grafts. Manual punches do not damage grafts like high-speed motor tools. In other words, extraction is done with minimal damage in the transplant process.

Dr. Resul Yaman uses the manual DHI technique, the newest and most advanced implantation method. At this stage, the doctor safely performs the implantation process with his specific DHI implanter without damaging the follicular units. The doctor calculates the number of grafts per cm2 in the most reasonable way. So, your hair will be natural and voluminous after all these stages.


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    Hair Transplant Turkey

    Turkey is the country with the most hair transplantation in the world. Also, Istanbul is the center of hair transplant operations in Turkey. Located in Istanbul, Dr. Resul Yaman’s hair transplant Turkey clinic satisfies patients. Before we talk about Dr. Resul Yaman’s dedication and passion, let’s continue to answer your questions about hair transplants in Turkey.

    As you know, experience is essential in all surgical operations. The fact that doctors perform many operations affects their dexterity and successful results. Manual dexterity is much more critical, especially in hair transplant operations.

    The doctor must quickly and easily remove a small hair graft from the donor area without damaging it. Likewise, it is essential to promptly place the small graft in the recipient area without damaging it under the skin. However, the doctor acquires this skill by performing many hair transplants.

    Dr. Resul Yaman has been interested in hair transplantation since his student days. He has been involved in hair transplant operations since 2009. Since 2010, he has been performing successful procedures in his clinic. In other words, Dr. Resul Yaman is a professional and experienced doctor in the field of hair transplant Turkey.

    In this article, let’s answer many of your questions, including the question ‘Is Turkey still the best option for hair transplantation in 2023?’

    Is Turkey the Hub of Hair Transplants?

    In fact, the process of hair transplantation in the world and in Turkey is not based on recent dates. Despite this, hair transplantation has become very common in Turkey between 2007 and 2010. The reason for this is that the problem of hair loss is very common in men in Turkey.

    Thus, Turkish doctors and nurses started to perform many operations, and their experience increased. Between 2010 and 2015, hundreds of thousands of people came to Turkey for hair transplantation, primarily from Arab and Middle Eastern countries. As a result, the experience skills of Turkish doctors and medical teams have increased.

    Since 2014-2015, Europeans have noticed the successful results of hair transplant Turkey. Thus, there has been an intense flow of patients for hair transplants from Europe to Turkey. Immediately after, people from all over the world preferred Turkey for hair transplants.

    Why are there so Many Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey?

    The patient density that emerged as a result of this process, which we described above, brought the experience of Turkish doctors and healthcare teams to the highest level. In addition, this situation has led to an increase in hair transplant clinics in Turkey. At the point reached today, the country where you will get the most successful result in hair transplantation is undoubtedly Turkey.

    In short, the source of the popularity of hair transplantation in Turkey is to obtain successful results. Although patients prefer the low cost of hair transplantation in Turkey, it is less effective than a success factor. Dr. Resul Yaman Clinic has made and continues to design hair suitable for the needs of thousands of patients within the scope of hair transplant Turkey. In other words, Dr. Yaman provides maximum personal satisfaction by performing the most appropriate procedures for the needs of patients.

    Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey

    First, it is essential to remove the hair follicles from the patient healthily and correctly in hair transplantation. Then, it is necessary to integrate these hair follicles into the problem area healthily and perfectly. As we explained above, auxiliary health personnel have also become experienced in this developed sector in Turkey. As a result, some clinics believe that assistant health personnel can perform the entire surgical procedure without a doctor. Of course, this wrong approach has increased due to legal legislation gaps and the increasing number of clinics.

    Most such clinics only have a certificate of activity as a health tourism company or marketing agency. Despite this, they introduce themselves as a hair transplant clinic. Within the scope of hair transplant Turkey, you should stay away from these clinics where there are no skilled doctors in aesthetic procedures. Because you will inevitably experience the following problems:

    • Hair transplantation performed only by health technicians causes you to have an unnatural hairline.
    • In addition, your hair follicles may not be placed following your hair growth direction without a doctor.
    • Due to the lack of medical knowledge, many hair follicles can be removed from the donor area.
    • Moreover, problems such as necrosis and tissue damage may occur in the transplantation area.

    Professional and Welcoming, Dr. Yaman Clinic

    ‘Is a Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, Worth it?’

    Such complaints will occur in every procedure without a doctor. So, you first need to research the doctor who will participate in the operation. And you must analyze his experience and his authorization in this field.

    Within the scope of hair transplant Turkey, Dr. Resul Yaman is personally involved in hair transplantation in his clinic with his knowledge, skill, operational experience, and operational excellence standards. Also, if you’re asking, ‘Is a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, worth it?’ let’s answer as follows.  You can find permanent results for your hair loss problem in Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic.

    Who is the Best Doctor for a DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    First of all, some professional doctors have trained themselves in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey. Also, Dr. Resul Yaman is one of the best doctors in the DHI technique.

    Dr. Resul Yaman keeps your comfort and convenience at the highest level in his clinic. In addition, Yaman Surgery Clinic is hospitable with its doctors and staff. If you live abroad and are contacting the clinic for the first time, staff who speak your language will assist you.

    In other words, Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic offers translation services in all languages. In addition, the clinic within the scope of hair transplant Turkey provides that airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel reservations. Our professional doctor will give you the necessary explanation about the operation. Also, Dr. Yaman will follow your post-operative process. In addition, the doctor’s clinic has many services to help you.

    Is Hair Transplantation Cheap in Turkey?

    Hair transplantation in Turkey is much cheaper than in many other countries. However, price and cheapness should be the last criteria you should pay attention to in hair transplantation because a hair transplant is not like buying a hat. It is an aesthetic operation that will remain in the most visible area on your face after it is done. In other words, it is a process you cannot change like a hat.

    Of course, you can find hair transplant centers with prices as low as 850-1000 Dollars. But they will not give you quality and correct service. In addition, there are clinics with an average price of 1 dollar per graft and up to 3-3.5 Euros per graft. The features of these clinics within the scope of hair transplant Turkey are as follows:

    • An experienced doctor will attend your operation.
    • The doctor will do the critical steps of the hair transplant process.
    • As a result, you get natural-looking, successful results.

    In recent years, hair transplant clinics have increased in European countries, some Eastern European countries, the USA, South America, and India. However, it takes a long time for these clinics to reach the experience of doctors and health teams in Turkey.

    Besides, 67% of the total hair transplantation performed in one day worldwide is performed in Istanbul. If an experienced doctor and clinic are selected, Turkey is the best country for successful results in hair transplantation.

    Let’s end our article by answering the question, ‘How to find the best hair transplant surgeon in İstanbul, Turkey?’Dr. Resul Yaman provides the most comprehensive and quality service in hair transplant Turkey. Dr. Yaman is competent in hair transplantation and makes the most suitable and perfect hair transplantation for you.

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