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What Can You Do for a Bad Hair Transplant?

Hair restoration is a safe procedure with high success rates and in some rare cases there may be bad hair transplant cases. In other words, although rare, some people may not be satisfied with the hair restoration procedure. For example; you may have some scarring or insufficient growth after the surgical procedure. Therefore, the appearance of your hair will disturb you.

Fortunately, you have options to correct your unsatisfactory graft implantation procedure. In this content, we will examine them:

  • Some of the most common reasons why hair transplants fail
  • If you think that something went wrong after scalp grafting procedure, what should you pay attention to?
  • And what to do if fullicular unit grafting surgery does not meet your expectations

What Can Go Wrong with Hair Transplant?

How common are failed hair transplants? In general, hair restoration is successful, but you have probably guessed that there are various reasons why it rarely fails. If you understand that there may be bad hair transplant results in some cases, you can make a more informed decision going forward.

In this article, we will explain the most common reasons why hair grafts implantation fail. According to Dr Resul Yaman, if the right clinic and the right doctor are not chosen, medical and aesthetic problems may occur in this surgical procedure.

Medical Topics

Although hair restoration is a safe and relatively simple procedure, it still carries the risks of surgery. Medical problems such as excessive bleeding and fainting may occur during extraction or implantation of grafts. However, such problems are rare when performed by an experienced hair transplant specialist physician.

Complications may also occur in the days after scalp grafting procedure. For example: Infection of the patient’s scalp or excessive pain due to excessive graft collection may occur.

Aesthetic Problems

In rare cases, most of the transplanted grafts cannot be integrated into their new location. Also, in some cases, the transplanted hair does not look natural.

In other words, the new hair does not harmonise in appearance with the existing hair. You can characterise such a problem as a failure.

4 Reasons Why Hair Transplants Fail

Even though these surgeries typically work well, sometimes scalp grafting procedures can fail for different reasons. Going to an experienced hair transplant specialist is crucial to avoid a bad hair restoration outcome.

So, it’s essential to pick the right doctor, right implantation method such as DHI and the right clinic. Paying attention to these factors will help you make a smarter choice. In this part of our article, let’s examine the most common reasons for bad hair restoration.

  1. Hair Transplant Graft Rejection

One of the reasons for the failure of surgery is graft rejection. This is not the same as rejection of an organ transplant.

For example; in the bad fue hair transplant procedure, the patient’s body accepts the transplanted grafts. However, the implanted hair follicles do not grow normally with the existing hair follicles.

2.      Not Suitable For Hair Transplant

Who is the ideal hair transplant candidate? Patients with a healthy donor area and generally under the age of 65 are ideal candidates for this surgical procedure. Having a bad donor hair area in the graft implantation process may cause the bad hair transplant.

3.      Poor Care after Surgery

If you are going to have hair restoration, your doctor will tell you that the healing and maintenance process is critical. For example;

  • Proper care after the surgical procedure helps to support the implanted hair follicles.
  • Proper care encourages the growth of hair follicles and supports the healing of the donor and transplantation areas.
  • If you are going to have a follicular unit grafting surgery, do not forget to follow the recommendations of the surgeon.

In short, not following the care can cause the graft implantation process to fail.

4.      Inexperienced Hair Transplant Surgeons or Clinics

In some cases, bad fue results may fail due to poorly qualified doctors, bad hair clinic. For example; some unprofessional doctors may over harvest the transplanted hair follicles.

In addition, since this surgical procedure is a popular, albeit uncomplicated, operation, many clinics offer this service but do not meet strict safety and hygiene rules.

If you are considering DHI hair transplant in Turkey, you should make sure that you choose a clinic that is supervised by the Ministry of Health and complies with international procedures.

You should make sure that the surgeon you choose is a member of international professional organisations.

For more information about DHI method, we recommend that you contact Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Transplant Clinic, one of the best hair clinic Turkey.

How Do You Know if You Have Had a Bad Hair Transplant?

Can hair transplants go bad? First of all, you can read bad hair transplant reddit comments to see what people have shared about it. In this section of our content, let’s talk about a few ways to tell if hair restoration is bad:

  • If an inexperienced doctor transplants hair grafts using substandard surgical instruments, excessive scarring occurs.
  • As a result of poor surgeon technique, the growth direction of the transplanted hair will not be natural.
  • If unhealthy surgical instruments are used in the operation, infection is inevitable.
  • Poor technique or inexperience of the surgeon causes bad hairline.
  • Facing insufficient hair growths one year after the surgical procedure will demoralise the patient. This may be due to factors such as poor hair growth, poor care.

If you do not want to experience any of these symptoms after hair restoration, it is important to choose a professional surgeon from the very beginning of the process.

Revision Surgery

As you know, revision surgery is performed after a failed surgical procedure due to poor performance of the doctor.

However, if you are not satisfied with the clinic where you have the restoration, if you are looking for a different clinic, you can choose Dr. Resul Yaman Clinic.

The doctor successfully applies second surgery to some patients who have had bad hair implants in other clinics. You can read second hair transplant before and after  for this.

Get Consultation Appointment for Bad Hair Transplant

If you’re not satisfied with your scalp grafting procedure, you can consult Dr. Resul Yaman. The doctor will help correct bad transplants or unsatisfactory results.

Can a bad hair transplant be fixed? Yes, Dr. Resul Yaman applies safe and effective DHI hair transplant Turkey and other procedures to solve your problem. Ultimately, an expert doctor helps you achieve the desired look.