The Safest Implantation; DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplantToday, the DHI hair transplant is one of the most effective techniques within the scope of hair transplantation methods. In this method, the doctor’s use of an implanter pen makes the planting phase more practical and effective.

The point you should remember is that the skill and experience of the doctor who will do the transplant will affect the result of the hair transplant when using the implanter pen. For this reason, if you are going to have hair transplantation with the DHI hair transplant, you should be careful that your doctor is experienced and knowledgeable.

Hair transplant trials started in 1939. Thanks to the developing medical information and technologies, it has become effective today. In short, today, there is a solution to problems such as baldness caused by permanent hair loss.

The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method is one of the most effective solutions for hair loss. A professional doctor in the field must perform the DHI method. In addition, the DHI method has advantages over other methods. Therefore, in our article, let’s talk about the direct hair transplantation (DHI) process and its details.

Also, having a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Resul Yaman successfully applies the DHI hair transplant. Moreover, Dr. Yaman carried out innovation studies in the Direct Hair Implantation method. Dr. Resul Yaman is an experienced doctor in terms of knowledge and skill in applying the DHI technique.

What is the DHI Hair Transplant Turkey under the 3 SE Method?

In the direct hair transplant (DHI) procedure, the doctor uses an implanter pen. In addition, DHI hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most advanced techniques. For this reason, the DHI technique has come to the fore again in recent years. The biggest reason is hair transplantation without incision (without opening a canal).

In short, in this method, hair transplantation ends in two stages. In other words, in the DHI technique, the doctor collects grafts and transplants the grafts into the patient’s problem area. Other hair transplant methods, such as the FUE technique, are three-stage. These stages include graft collection from the patient, open channels of the problem area, and graft transplantation.

The Choi implanter pen is essential in the two-stage direct hair transplantation process. The doctor places the graft into the device. Then it pierces the skin. Thus, the graft is deposited directly into the recipient area. As a result, the doctor performs grooving and hair follicle transplantation simultaneously in DHI hair transplant.

So, what are the technical stages of DHI? Now let us explain this subject to you.

Medical Examination (The Safest Examination)

First of all, your doctor will ask you for various blood tests. Thus, it aims to protect you and the hospital of health personnel from blood-borne diseases. In addition, diseases that may cause excessive bleeding or health problems will be determined by tests. For such reasons, blood tests are critical.

At the Dr.Resul Yaman Clinic, your tests will be done in the equipped laboratory of the clinic. You will receive your blood test result at Yaman Surgical Medical Center as soon as possible.

After the blood test, your doctor starts the procedures to make your hair restoration transplant plan and calculate the number of grafts. Dr. Resul Yaman will activate the 3 SE methodologies he has developed at this stage. This methodology is;

  • The safest examination,
  • The safest hair extraction (follicular unit extraction FUE)
  • And it consists of the safest implantation, namely DHI hair transplant 

In other words, in the safest examination, it examines your hair with a 3D scanner and makes the necessary calculations. The doctor examines the open areas in your head during the test with the scanner device. It also calculates your required number of grafts. Dr. Resul Yaman explains every detail you wonder about hair extraction and implantation within the scope of the 3 SE methodologies.

Graft Collection (The Safest Hair Extraction)

An anesthetic drug is applied in the appropriate dosage to make you feel more comfortable during hair transplantation. Thus, your hair transplantation process is completed painlessly. Meanwhile, the doctor prefers the nape root as a donor site for grafts. Because the hair follicles in the nape area are suitable for hair transplantation in terms of their structural features, the doctor will primarily prefer the hair follicles in this area.

Let’s specify that Dr. Resul Yaman collects the grafts extracted from the donor area in the safest hair extraction process within the scope of DHI hair transplant. In the second stage of the 3 SE method, uses the FUE extraction technique. Dr. Resul Yaman practically completes the graft collection process thanks to his skill and professionalism.

 DHI Hair Transplantation (The Safest Implantation)

In direct hair implantation, the doctor does not need to open channels when transplanting the grafts into the recipient area. Instead, thanks to the functional Choi implanter pen, it integrates the grafts into the problem area without opening channels. The implanter pen has a micro tip. In addition, this device makes micro-holes large enough for the graft to enter. Thanks to the functional implanter in the DHI hair transplantation process, the grafts easily integrate with the patient’s scalp.

The use of Choi implanters used by doctors within the scope of DHI hair transplant operations requires professionalism. For this reason, you must choose the right doctor if you have surgery with the direct hair transplant method. This method allows a correct and experienced surgeon to transplant 4000 to 4500 grafts.

Dr. Resul Yaman uses the implanter he developed himself in the DHI technique. Thus, the doctor provides natural looking results to hundreds of patients with effective and successful operations. Dr. Yaman cares about his operations within the scope of planted hair. For this reason, it meticulously performs your hair transplant operation, which will positively affect your life, with the perfect 3 SE methodology developed by itself.

Turkey Best DHI Hair Transplantation Centers

Turkey has many alternatives in terms of hair transplant clinics. In addition, most hair transplant clinics are in Istanbul. The most important issue is whether the hair transplant center you will receive service from is reliable. The features of the best DHI hair transplant centers in Turkey are as follows:

  • First of all, the knowledge and experience of the doctor performing the DHI hair transplant Turkey should be perfect.
  • A doctor with manual skills and experience should apply hair transplantation methods.
  • It is essential that the clinic is sterile and hygienic.
  • The hair transplant center must act following the Ministry of Health and international legislation.
  • All necessary technological tools must be available for FUE and DHI methods.
  • Both the doctor and his team must be professionals in follicular unit transplantation and DHI technique.
  • In addition, the comments of the patients who have undergone the procedure at the hair transplantation center should be positive.
  • It is essential that the doctor and his staff respect health ethics and laws.
  • In the scope of the title,’ DHI hair transplant’ we can say that: The clinic should solve hair loss and should provide hair transplantation services at reasonable prices.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey with Dr. Resul Yaman

Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic is among the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul. When you examine Resul Yaman’s CV, you will see that he graduated from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, one of Turkey’s most prestigious medical faculties.

In addition, he started to research and study in the field of hair transplantation starting from his student period. This situation proves how much knowledge he has on this subject. Dr. Resul Yaman has performed successful hair transplantation for hundreds of patients for 13 years. In other words, it carries out the DHI process with great care.

Patient comments about the Dr. Resul Yaman clinic are proof of satisfaction with the doctor and the clinic’s service. As a result, one of the best hair transplant centers, by choosing Dr.Resul Yaman’s clinic, you can have the most effective and high-quality DHI hair transplant.


Does DHI heal faster?

In this method of hair transplantation, the wounds heal faster. The doctor uses a special implanter pen to place the grafts in the recipient area without opening channels.

Is the DHI method painful?

Local anesthesia is applied in hair transplantation methods. A slight pain that may occur is the same in every technique. Needle-free anesthesia is administered to patients with a fear of needles and a high pain threshold. In other words, needle-free anesthesia reduces the pain that may occur even more.

Is DHI more successful than FUE?

The direct implantation method is more successful than the FUE method. The success rate is 98% as the implantation is done under the skin without touching the grafts.

Which hair transplant is most effective?

DHI hair transplantation results are very effective and of high quality, as it is the newest in the scope of hair restoration.

What is the latest technology in hair restoration?

The implanters used in DHI hair restoration cause a small wound. This ensures that patients recover as soon as possible. In addition, since the DHI method offers a permanent result, it is the latest technological method.