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DHI Hair Transplant Results: Month by Month Progression

Are you seeking a solution for hair loss? Are you researching the results of the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplant method? In that case, we recommend you read the progression of DHI hair transplant results text.

DHI hair restoration provides a permanent solution for hair loss in Turkey. It may take at least a year to see the full results of this treatment. Choosing Dr. Resul Yaman’s Hair Transplant Clinic and having confidence in Dr. Resul Yaman’s professionalism are crucial in this regard. This way, achieving the desired results and a shorter duration for the direct hair transplant procedure are possible.

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Importance of the Specialist in the DHI Recovery Period

Hair transplantation is a delicate procedure that takes time to see the results. It’s crucial for the chosen doctor and their team to deeply understand hair’s anatomy and physiology. Moreover, the doctor and their team need to have achieved thousands of successful hair transplant results Turkey.

Dr. Resul Yaman has performed hair restoration procedures for thousands of individuals to date. We recommend reviewing Dr. Resul Yaman’s hair transplant before and after results. After the hair transplant procedure, the doctor and their team meticulously do the hair transplant follow-up. Patients can easily communicate with the doctor and the team during the post-operative period (DHI healing process), regardless of their location worldwide.

Dr. Resul Yaman advises his patients to maintain a balanced diet and pay attention to their water intake for DHI hair transplant results. Additionally, he suggests that when the time is right, patients should massage their scalps to stimulate blood circulation. Massaging the scalp contributes to the growth of new hair and aids in healing the donor area. In other words the massaging effects hair transplant post-op results positively.

DHI Hair Transplant Progress: Shock Loss

Within the DHI hair transplant outcome timeline, there is a phenomenon known as shock loss. This means that the patient’s hair starts to shed after the 10th day post-surgery. Dr. Resul Yaman will provide you with information about shock loss immediately after the operation and reassure you not to panic. This is because shock loss is a normal process that should occur for hair transplant results.

After the surgery, the hair follicles protect themselves, hence the shedding reaction. Even if the hair falls out, the hair follicles remain in place. Therefore, shock loss is the one of the stage of maturation of hair transplant Turkey. It’s important to know that shock loss can vary in duration for each patient. However, as a generalization, shock loss typically lasts for about 3 months.

Post-Operative Progress of DHI:  1- 2 Months

The process of returning to normal and achieving natural hair after hair transplant operations is a lengthy one. For hair transplant results, nearly every month post-op, the patient experiences various changes as evidence of their healing.


As mentioned above, in the first month following the operation, shock loss is at its most intense. Severe shock loss should not lead the patient to despair. All the patient needs to do is wait for this phase to pass.

By the second month after the surgery, the intensity of shock loss decreases. Moreover, the patient will notice the emergence of new hair. However, the patient’s hair growth may be uneven. This is a recovery part of the hair transplant results process.

DHI Hair Transplant Healing Process: Things to Consider

  • Hair can be washed 2 days after the surgery. After 13 days from the operation, the patients can wash their hair following their previous routine.
  • After the hair transplant, the patients can comb the donor area. However, the recipient area should never be combed before 2 weeks.
  • The patients should refrain from dying their hair in the first 2 months.
  • When can the first haircut be done after hair transplant? The patients can trim the area where grafts are planted with scissors in the first 3 months. A trimmer can be used for the donor area.
  • For the first 6 months, the patients should avoid using a hair dryer.

DHI Hair Transplant Results: 3-6 Months

In this stage of hair transplant healing process, the patient’s hair grows noticeably. During this period, patient needs to be cautious about infections. If a patient observes any signs of infection, he should contact his doctor.

Following DHI hair restoration, at the 6-month mark, patient experiences rapid hair growth. In the hair transplant results at 6 months, the recipient area is halfway covered with hair. At this stage, patient can comb the hair transplanted by Dr. Resul Yaman and trim unevenly growing hair. However, during the 3-6 months post-operation period, patient should keep his hair away from very hot and cold conditions.

Post- Transplant Outcome: After 1 Year

hair transplant results are fully realized after 12 months. Moreover, the donor area from where the doctor extracted the hair grafts is completely healed. Additionally, the recipient area where the hair grafts were implanted is also fully healed. Patients who have undergone hair restoration can now style their new hair as they desire. Furthermore, patients can use any hair care products they prefer.

By the end of the 12th month, the hair grows and hair loss solution Turkey gives great outcomes. The only thing left is for these grown hairs to complete their thickening process. The thickening of the hair will be completed soon.

The long-term effects of Dr. Resul Yaman’s hair transplant clinic operations are now fully visible. In conclusion, Dr. Resul Yaman will support you in achieving healthy, thick, and natural-looking hair with hair transplant results Turkey.

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