The Day of the Hair Transplant Operation

You have come to the surgical procedure stage, where you will eliminate your hair loss problem. You followed the instructions given by your doctor before the operation. So, what are the procedures to be done on the day of the hair transplant operation? How will this operation be done to get your natural and bushy hair? You can read the answers to such questions and all the other details in this article.

First, let’s start by telling the day of the operation by stating the following. Dr. Resul Yaman and his team work to ensure the comfort and convenience of their patients throughout the entire process. For example, Resul Yaman clinic provides airport and hotel transfers. It also arranges a hotel for you for your stay. You can stay in 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star hotels according to your request.

As long as you are in Istanbul, you will not have any problems with transportation because the doctor’s team plans your transport from the hotel to the clinic and from the clinic to the hotel.

Moreover, an interpreter who speaks your native language is always available at the Dr. Resul Yaman Clinic. You don’t have to worry about communication on the day of the hair transplant operation.

What is the Operation Preparation Process?

Dr. Resul Yaman will give general information about the hair transplant operation. Also, Dr. Resul Yaman has been performing hair transplant operations for years. It attaches importance to innovation studies.

As proof of this, there is the 3SE methodology that he developed himself. You can read the article ‘What are the 3 SE Methods?’ on our website to learn about this method. The ‘safest examination’ part of the 3 SE methodologies is carried out during the operation preparation. On the day of the hair transplant operation, the doctor checks your hair follicles with a 3D device and makes the necessary planning.

In addition, before and after photos of your hair are taken by photographers. Necessary blood tests before the operation are easily done in our hospital. After the verbal and physical controls are completed, the hair transplant process can be started.

You can ask Dr. Resul Yaman any questions about surgical procedures. Also, do not hesitate to ask your questions to your translator throughout the process.

What are the Important Details of the Operation Day?

    • Dr. Resul Yaman can perform the surgical procedure when you arrive from the airport. Depending on the situation, he can operate the next day.
    • Hair transplant operation may take 6 or 7 hours. There will be breaks during the day surgery.
    • One of the most critical issues is that you do not neglect to have a light breakfast before the operation.
    • You will not be bored on the day of the hair transplant operation. Because while the doctor is doing the transplantation, you can watch your favorite videos on the smart TV.
    • On the day of the operation, our expert team will measure your blood pressure. You are also under investigation with a heart monitor.
    • Along with these, you can see the operation planning, such as photos before hair transplantation, your donor area capacity, how many grafts will be transplanted per cm2 in the recipient area, and the total number of grafts to be transplanted from the monitor during the procedure. The same data from Dr. Resul Yaman and his team can see from a different monitor.
    • You are given local anesthetic before the operation. Then the grafts in your donor area are removed with the follicular hair extraction method. On the day of the hair transplant operation, Dr. Resul Yaman integrated the grafts into the recipient area with the implanter he developed without opening channels. Also, Dr. Resul Yaman applies the manual DHI method most effectively during the implantation process.

The Day of the Hair Transplant Operation and Evening

First, Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic will prepare your lunch according to your preference. In other words, let us know if you are a vegetarian or if you ask for halal or kosher food. Your lunch will be ordered according to your request.

We will inform you about your sleeping position after the procedure. In addition, our clinic will provide you with a neck support pillow for use while you sleep.

You will come to the clinic in a private vehicle on the second day of operation. We change the bandages. In addition, the doctor checks the adhesion of your hair follicles to the skin and their aesthetic appearance. In conclusion, in the scope of the title, ‘the day of the hair transplant operation,’ we can say that: Dr. Resul Yaman and his team will perform transplantation without compromising your comfort.