Mustache Transplant

A mustache, like a beard, gives a characteristic and masculine expression to the face. Within the scope of mustache transplant, let us state the following: There are mustache shapes suitable for the face type of men. However, some people may not have mustaches due to genetic factors, health problems, or accidents. Thanks to developing medical technologies and doctors, hair transplantation is performed on the mustache and sideburns area.

Transplantation to the mustache area is similar to hair transplantation. However, this process is more sensitive as the mustache part is in the facial area. In other words, complications should be avoided when planting in this area. In short, it is critical for the doctor to plan well for the transplantation process.

The specialist should decide how dense and in which direction the grafts will be made before transplanting operation. For this, you should choose a process suitable for your face and lip structures. Below you can examine the mustache transplant options ideal for your facial structure:


    • If you have a triangular face, dense and thick mustaches may suit you.
    • If you have an oval face, mustache shapes that cover your upper lip can be designed.
    • If you have a square face shape, a mustache shape may be appropriate so that it does not cover your lips.


How is Mustache Transplant Applied?

The doctor should thoroughly examine the donor and recipient area for transplant work. The donor area is generally determined as your nape area, because, the hair roots here are powerful. The point to be considered here is that the grafts in the donor region are double or triple. However, the grafts in the mustache section must be single.

For this, the specialist transforms the multiple grafts removed from the donor area into single ones. If he does not do this, the grafts he transplanted as multiple will look strange in the mustache area. It is also essential for the doctor to plant the grafts at a right angle. In addition, the distribution of grafts in this region should be smooth.

As you can see, mustache transplant must be performed by a professional doctor in this field. A doctor with high experience, knowledge, skill, and eye coordination should transplant mustache hairs. Otherwise, you may encounter undesired results.


How Long Does It Take to Transplant the Mustache Area?

Local anesthesia is applied, so you do not feel pain during mustache hair transplantation. You can also ask, ‘Which techniques are used (FUE and FUT) for hair loss?’ Today, the FUT technique is not used in hair transplant operations. Instead of this technique, effective and faster recovery procedures such as FUE are performed.

Dr. Resul Yaman performs beard and mustache transplant in an average of 6 or 7 hours. He performs the extraction process most safely. He implants the grafts which he has extracted into the mustache area with his implanter. In the graft transplantation process, micro-holes are made in the mustache area. Thus, scars do not occur in this area due to the transplantation process. Opened micro-holes heal faster than channels. In short, Dr. Resul Yaman also uses the advantage of using an implanter pen for a mustache transplant.


What is the Process after Mustache Transplant?

The recovery period of the mustache area after the transplantation operation is fast. In fact, you will fully recover within six months after the procedure. You may see small scars, such as redness and bleeding, in the parts that the doctor has treated. These will disappear within a week. Also, your upper lip may swell after the operation. In addition, itching and crusting may occur on your upper lip.

These are the symptoms we expect. Moreover, you will get rid of swelling, itching, and crusting within a week. You must not scratch your mustache area. In the following days, your hair follicles and skin will begin to regenerate. You should also pay attention to your sleeping position after the operation. You should avoid sudden movements.


Mustache Transplantation Prices

It is not possible to talk about a clear price for all hair transplant procedures that you will have your body done. Also, this is valid for the mustache area. Because mustache transplant prices vary according to the following factors:


    • Number of grafts transplanted,
    • Your preferred clinic,
    • Techniques applied by the doctor,
    • The professionalism and experience of the doctor who performed the operation and his team affect the prices.


To Whom is Mustache Transplantation Applied?

If you have a problem with mustache development, you must be older than 20-22 for the operation, because, at this age, you have completed your hormonal development. And your hormonal level is suitable for the planting process. In other words, we recommend that you wait for natural mustache formation until the age of 20-22.

In addition, it is very important to find the right doctor for permanent and effective transplantation. The knowledge, experience, and dexterity of the doctor will be important at this point.

Dr. Resul Yaman performs all kinds of hair transplant operations in his clinic in Istanbul. He performs successful operations on the mustache area for patients from Turkey and abroad. The doctor has many years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. Also, Dr. Resul Yaman carries out various innovative studies on this subject. Get the mustache that suits you after mustache transplant by choosing Dr. Resul Yaman’s Clinic.