Insufficient nutrition of our hair follicles, insufficient blood circulation in our hair follicles, and hormonal imbalance cause hair loss problems. Losing 50-60 strands of hair in a day is normal. But if our hair is shedding above this range, we have a hair loss problem. Before explaining mesotherapy treatment, let’s count the factors that cause hair loss:


    • Genetic characteristics, especially in male pattern hair loss
    • Factors such as stress, fatigue
    • Vitamin and mineral deficiency
    • Troubles with thyroid hormone
    • Anemia (Iron deficiency)
    • Hair loss is seen in postpartum women
    • Shampoo, chemical hair care products
    • Viral infection
    • Water and air pollution


What is Hair Mesotherapy Treatment?

The middle layer of the skin is called the mesoderm. Injecting protein, vitamins, minerals, and various drugs into this layer is mesotherapy. Thus, thanks to these active substances, our hair regains a healthy structure. As a result, our hair does not fall out.

The critical point here is that your doctor determines the exact cause of hair loss. Accordingly, it adds the necessary drugs to your treatment along with these active substances. In addition, the specialist doctor will inject the substances in the injection where your scalp needs it.

This treatment is used for improve the skin, skin rejuvenation, cellulite removal, skin spots, and fine lines and wrinkles. In particular, meso-therapy injections applied by the specialist to the scalp are effective in preventing hair loss.

In other words, this treatment is a good option for your hair to become stronger, lively, and shiny. It also allows the formation of new hair on your scalp. If your hair is thin and weak, this treatment will strengthen your hair.


How are Hair Mesotherapy Treatments Done?


    • Before starting the sessions for treatment, the doctor should determine whether a medical problem causes hair loss. For this, the patient is subjected to a health examination.
    • If the patient has a medical factor in hair loss, the doctor creates a treatment plan against this factor.
    • Mesotherapy work is not a surgical intervention. The doctor applies the injection mixture to the patient in sessions.
    • In addition, the components in the injection mixture are determined by the patient’s problem.
    • Hyaluronic acid, amino acids, collagen and elastin are the main substances used for hair growth and regeneration.
    • The doctor injects the mixture prepared using a meso-therapy gun or injector into various parts of the patient’s scalp. Thus completes a session.
    • In the meantime, the patient does not feel pain as the doctor makes micro injections.
    • In addition, the doctor determines the number of sessions according to the severity of the problems in the patient’s hair.
    • Approximately 6 or 8 sessions may be required for an average good result.
    • It may take at least 12 months to get the result desired by the doctor and the patient.


To whom is Mesotherapy Applied?

First of all, meso-therapy is an effective method in the treatment of all kinds of health problems. It may be sufficient on its own, especially in the solution of many health problems related to hair and scalp. Sometimes the doctor recommends this method in addition to different medical treatments.

If your hair is falling out, you should first go to a dermatologist. After examining you, the specialist doctor will tell you whether you are suitable for meso-therapy. In general, mesotherapy treatments are applied to the following people:


    • Those who lose their hair due to seasonal changes, stress, and metabolic factors can apply for this treatment.
    • Those who lose their hair due to vitamin or mineral deficiency can receive meso-therapy.
    • It will be an effective method for those with regional hair loss or hair thinning problems.
    • Those who have dryness and dandruff problems on the scalp can be treated with mesotherapy injections.
    • Those who lose their hair due to genetic reasons can receive support from this treatment.

Hair loss is a very common problems today. For this reason, some centers perform meso-therapy for commercial purposes. It is essential to avoid places where such specialist doctors are unavailable.

A specialist doctor should do hair meso-therapy treatment. Doing this treatment by people who are not doctors will not give you a healthy result. In addition, an incorrect application can damage your hair and scalp.

In short, this treatment should be done by a specialist doctor. For this treatment, we can recommend a doctor for you. Located in Istanbul, you can have mesotherapy treatment at the Dr. Resul Yaman clinic.


In Which Situations, Mesotherapy Treatments Are Not Done?


    • If there is an infection on the patient’s scalp, this method should not be applied.
    • Pregnant and lactating women should not have meso-therapy.
    • This procedure is not applied due to benign or malignant tumors.
    • Not for those who are allergic to one or more of the injection mixtures.
    • If the patient has endocrine system problems, this treatment should not be applied.


What are the Properties of Active Substances Used in Mesotherapy Treatment?

In this method, B group vitamins nourish the hair follicles. Thus, the hair follicles grow strongly. In addition, components such as zinc and copper strengthen the hair strands. Hyaluronic acid provides rapid growth and moisturizing of hair. Amino acids are very effective in forming keratin fibers in hair strands.

The growth factors in the injection mixture regulate the blood flow in the scalp. It makes the hair look denser. The coenzyme in the mix improves the structure of the hair strands. Three peptides are especially effective in male pattern hair loss. This component provides excellent hair growth.


What Should I Pay Attention to after Mesotherapy?

At the end of our article, let’s talk about ‘What should you pay attention to after the meso-therapy procedure?’ You should not wash your treated hair with shampoo for three days after the procedure. Shampoo and water will delay your recovery.

Also, stay away from sunlight for three days after the procedure. In addition, never go to the pool, sea, or sauna in the first week. The injection points on your scalp need to be dried. Do not massage, and do not drink alcohol. If you pay attention to these issues, your treatment will achieve more success.

If you want to be treated for hair loss and thinning hair, you can apply for mesotherapy treatment at the Dr.Resul Yaman clinic. Since Dr. Resul Yaman is an expert in hair and scalp problems; you will be satisfied with your treatment process.