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3920 Grafts – 9 Months Result



Our patient, whom you see before and after hair transplant images in the video, is 38. He applied to Dr. Resul Yaman because of his hair loss problem. Our patient had a Norwood 3A hair loss problem. In addition, the thickness of the hair is 6.2 microns, and it is someone with thick hair. If your hair is thick and you have hair loss problems, this video can guide you for a 4000 graft hair transplant.

In the video, Dr. Resul Yaman shows you the result of the patient’s 4000 graft hair transplantation 9th month by combing it with a comb. Thus, as a result of this operation, you can see that the directions of the hairline, hair density, and hair follicles are perfectly planned. Dr. Yaman implanted the 3920 grafts as follows:

  • 890 single grafts
  • 2060 double grafts
  • 970 multiple grafts

Does FUE Donor Grow Back?

Dr. Resul Yaman took the grafts with manual FUE extraction. He carefully removed the hair follicles from the nape of the patient without overharvesting. The hair distribution in the donor area is perfect after nine months.

Our patient wondered how the donor area’s hair density would look after the extraction procedure. Our patient, who saw that the hair density in the donor area was normal after the operation, was satisfied with this aspect.

Also, it is not clear that hair follicles are taken from the donor area after hair transplantation. Let’s state the following within the scope of before and after hair transplant images. Dr. Resul Yaman extracted the grafts from the donor area by planning the most appropriate distribution while removing the hair follicles. It is also helpful to say: The manual FUE technique must be performed by a knowledgeable specialist doctor with high manual dexterity.

Before After Hair Transplant Result Turkey

Dr. Resul Yaman performed the implantation with the manual DHI method using the specific implanter pen. In addition, the doctor opened the channels himself and determined the most suitable hair root angle.

He has transplanted approximately 4000 grafts in one session in total with his professional team. Completing the entire hair transplant procedure in one session shows the doctor’s excellent experience.

This video is an excellent example of how many grafts are needed to cover a Norwood 3A hair. Namely, we recommend you review this video for the 4000 graft hair transplant result.

As a result, our patient is not currently receiving any medical treatment. The patient received no treatment support besides multivitamins and Sawpalmetto during the first nine months. In other words, our patient in the video has completed his medical treatment since the 9th month.

If you are wondering about hair transplant results in general, the before and after hair transplant images of our 38-year-old patient will be an excellent example. Do not hesitate to apply to Dr. Resul Yaman’s clinic to benefit from 4000 graft hair transplant Turkey treatment.


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